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ok..I will be the official amateur of the group. I am having the hardest time resizing my pictures. When I pull up the pictures on iphoto and try to transfer them in emails, my page on DK, ect, they're HUGE! I cannot figure out how to make them smaller. Anyone know what to do? Should I download another application that will help?

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  • Larry~ Just got done looking at ALL of your photos. One more beautiful than the next. It was a very pleasant distraction from what I should have been the house. Thanks for sharing you talent. Diane
    • Larry's pictues are very beautiful and the pleasure from them will be much more valuable than a clean house--how long does clean last anyway : )
  • Pls check out my page and look at the header. I think that's what you're trying to do. Here's how I did it....
    -Pull up the photo you want to use in IPhoto and click on file:Export
    -When the export box comes up select Kind+JPEG, Quality=Low, Size=Custom.
    You then are able to select the number of pixels which will translate to size. For my header photo I selected 320 pixels.
    -Then you save your photo (I save it in my Documents file).
    -On your Doodle Kisses page you select Appearance, All Options. Under Header image you then import the photo from where you saved it and select Tile.
    Give it a try. You can get the picture to any size you want by just changing the number of pixels in your Export function.
    • I love your header. I figured some of this stuff out by long bouts of trial and error.
    • Jane, thanks so much for posting this. I have a Mac and - never read the manual! LOL To resize photos, I have been e-mailing them to myself thru the MacMail and using the option of small. I knew there had to be a better way, but..... Duh. Now I will be able to put Ned's photos on the top of my page in a tile fashion. Nancy and Ned
    • It took me a while to figure out too. The process is really not very intuitive. I had to shrink my pictures down really small to fit into those photo Xmas tree ornaments. It was lots of trial and error.
  • Unfortunately I'm only familiar with how to shrink a file size down in Photoshop CS3. :-( (I'm a pro.) Whatever programs you are using on your pc (even some editing programs that come free with p&s cameras) will usually give you an option to reduce the size or "make web ready." Hopefully someone is out there that can help you out.
  • Are you using IPhoto on a Mac? That's what I use, and I haven't had an issue with the size.
    • I am. I'm going to try to download Picasa and see if that works. I don't know if its something with my camera or something with iphoto? For instance, I want to put a picture as my header on my profile page and I can't because it will just show the very top of the picture.
  • I use Picasa a lot. I just discovered "Export this file', which allows you to decrease the # of pixels and therefore file size of a photo. You find it under the file tab. In case you don't have it, Picasa is a free photo handling program from Google. Because of searches, maps, streetview, Picasa, Gmail, I adore google and wish I owned Google stock. Then my personal secretary could type this for me.
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