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The requirements for your photos to be accepted can be found here:

Here is the information on how to submit your photos. Deadline for Submissions: September 23rd, 2018

This discussion is great opportunity to get feedback. Many people in this group have had their photos in the calendar year after year.

1.  If you can't decide which photos to submit, this group loves to give opinions! Number your photos and PLEASE, no more than 4 photos per post. You can post multiple times throughout the weeks but I don't want to see 20 pictures in a single post.

2. Post images that you want recommendations for regarding crop, or editing help.

3. Not sure if your image is up to snuff? Post and ask. We will give honest feedback as to what is working and not working.

4. If you are open to reshooting your photos, post your photo and we can give very helpful advice on how to reshoot and make it so much better!

Good luck!

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I agree with DJ, too. These are all very nice, Joani. Like Nancy said, I am seeing blue/purple in the first one, but should be an easy fix and I love that sweet face. The 2nd one is a very different snow picture and snow pictures are always a good submission. The 3rd one is well done!!

Number 3 is my favorite, and I agree that they could use an exposure bump


2 is so different that it is my favorite.  I really like the close up views.

I LOVE #1 Joani

I like number 3. But yes the top hair is bluish.

I don't have many photos of Darwin this year - I did take a couple of photos this winter that I am considering...

And then I have two photos that are less traditional that I was considering for the lotsa doodles calendar. 

What do you think? Are any good enough or should I keep shooting? I should keep shooting either way of course. :-)

I love the first snow photo in particular and the use of shadow in the image.  The last photo is great, but I don't think she accepts verticals now (at least that was true last year).  Darwin hamming it up on the sofa is good for lost-of-doodles.  Can you get a bit more light into that cute eye?  I always love seeing your Darwin images.

The first snow shot shows good action.  I love both the indoor shots they are both excellent.  I remember one year in the lotsa doole calendar, there was one vertical picture...a dood with a captains hat and a lei...(I think) something like that...

I love them all! Can't go wrong with any of them.

My favorite has to be the one of him relaxing on the bed. I'm assuming it's the foot of the bed? It's different but a normal everyday capture. 

I might be attached to that image because I've been trying to get a photo of my dog on my bed for quite some time. I have 2 symmetrical windows and a headboard in the center just as you do. 

Thanks! Yeah, it's a footboard. His favorite spot.

Camilla, I love Darwin and miss seeing your pictures :) My favorite is the bed picture. It is different and I love that about it. She does not accept vertical photos for any calendar. I think both snow pictures are adorable, but I think a closer crop is needed for the 2nd one to work. The first one is so light and airy and just plain fun!!



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