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The requirements for your photos to be accepted can be found here:

Here is the information on how to submit your photos. Deadline for Submissions: September 23rd, 2018

This discussion is great opportunity to get feedback. Many people in this group have had their photos in the calendar year after year.

1.  If you can't decide which photos to submit, this group loves to give opinions! Number your photos and PLEASE, no more than 4 photos per post. You can post multiple times throughout the weeks but I don't want to see 20 pictures in a single post.

2. Post images that you want recommendations for regarding crop, or editing help.

3. Not sure if your image is up to snuff? Post and ask. We will give honest feedback as to what is working and not working.

4. If you are open to reshooting your photos, post your photo and we can give very helpful advice on how to reshoot and make it so much better!

Good luck!

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I know this is a profile shot, but they look so sweet...worth submitting?

Yes, beautiful

I really like this photo. Your dogs always look so happy, and I have to think it's because they are happy. Obviously you will need to crop it.

Again, with DK resolution I can't judge the focus, but to my eyes the waves and the black foliage in the background seem to be sharper than your dogs. If the dogs are in good focus I think it's a great photo to submit.

Joani, I love this one. If you send me the original, I could check the focus. PM me if you want my email !!!

Thanks Lauri...I sent a PM through DK.  This picture may not make the cut, but I would love to have you edit it if you can.  I did not shoot this one in RAW.  It was before my RAW days.  Thanks for the offer and taking the time.  I appreciate your help.

Joani, I never saw your PM. Let me send you my email.

Yes, I love it!

LOVE this one, Joani. It evokes a real connection between Skadi and Elli.

I like it.

Absolutely. It’s s great shot 

Before I continue tweaking...thoughts...last two are more whimsical...different....

#4 would be good for a Fall image. I don't like #5 because it looks like the ice is coming from the dog's mouth. I adore #6. It is different and unique. Doesn't look like it needs tweaking to me.



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