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The requirements for your photos to be accepted can be found here:

Here is the information on how to submit your photos. Deadline for Submissions: September 23rd, 2018

This discussion is great opportunity to get feedback. Many people in this group have had their photos in the calendar year after year.

1.  If you can't decide which photos to submit, this group loves to give opinions! Number your photos and PLEASE, no more than 4 photos per post. You can post multiple times throughout the weeks but I don't want to see 20 pictures in a single post.

2. Post images that you want recommendations for regarding crop, or editing help.

3. Not sure if your image is up to snuff? Post and ask. We will give honest feedback as to what is working and not working.

4. If you are open to reshooting your photos, post your photo and we can give very helpful advice on how to reshoot and make it so much better!

Good luck!

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Nothing wrong with ISO 320.  Find a way to view your histogram. See the October lesson which has lots of tutorials on histograms. Otherwise find a way to lower your exposure in your camera. The bright white head with no detail in the fur is a deal breaker for getting a photo into the calendar.

Shoot in shade.  Looks like a nice green yard in the background which would provide a nicer backdrop than the porch. Also, take TONS of photos. I often take over a hundred when I go out. Your odds for success will be higher. Good luck and keep posting. 

I think it is a good picture, but I would prefer a different crop. Either a complete sit in the picture...feet and all..or head shot. Hope that makes sense. Also, the top of his head is a bit blown out. Can you reshoot when the sun is behind a cloud or at a different time of day? You got his eyes perfectly....great job on that!! He has such a great look and he sure belongs in the calendar :)

So adogable but you need his feet in there

Thank you!! I did take some with his full body. It's hard in any lighting condition because if his fluff isn't over exposed, then his eyes are usually too dark. Also, when I brush his afro really well, it just looks like a marshmallow and it's so hard to get it exposed correctly! If I don't brush him and his head is curly, it's easier but I don't like it as much, ha. I'll try to get some good ones of him while hiking in the next week or so. 

adorable picture! I would love to see that cute doodle on my wall for a month.

It's hard to tell about the top of his head in this picture but I think it would be fine. Just a note: horizontal photos only for the calendar.

I really love this one.  Ned's coat usually looks like cotton puff rather than individual hairs.  It makes the photo seem blurry when it isn't.

Much better. It is a lot easier to lighten eyes than to retrieve detail in the coat I think.

Such A cute kid!  The eyes are great...and that's no easy feat.  I think you could easily take another picture and get the top of that adorable head to show that glorious fur.  

What an adorable doodle.  I agree with the others--try to shoot with Charlie in the shade.  I like the fence post along the back, but the fence on the right is distracting.

This is DJ not Charlie :)  These pictures were taken on an overcast day.  I tried getting more of his head but when I did, there was other stuff that got in the picture or I cut off his feet :(    I'll try to take the pink flowers one more time.  What does everyone think of the others

My comment was for the white dog, Charlie, not DJ.  

Oops sorry, they were right after DJs picture on my feed.  



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