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While waiting for the announcement of the calendar photos that have been chosen, I thought it would be fun to share our submitted photos.. Here are mine....

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Thanks Lori, yes Laurie has the patience of a saint and is so talented!!!  I wish I lived closer to her.  Maybe someone can post instructions on how to do a collage????

Peri, You are so welcome! You know I don't mind helping :) The only way I know to do a collage is with Picasa. There has to be some other program offered on line!

There must be another way. Im still looking. I no longer have access to Picasa and any photos I had there are gone :( 

I crashed a back up drive, but still had the photos on Picasa. Not any more....  :-{

Laurie, I spent an hour trying to create a collage on Picasa (which I didn't know I had LOL) so once I had it made after a half hour of trying to figure out how to save it somewhere I could post it, I gave up!  Oh well I tried 

Great photos this year!  Setting the bar higher and higher!

The more I look at the first one, the more I like it!  Good luck!

Great job Peri.

Thanks so much!!!  I love taking pix of my baby, unfortunately he hates getting his pic taken so it's  a challenge LOL

I absolutely LOVE every single picture!!!  Such gorgeous doods!!!!!!!!!!!  I do not envy Adina.  I don't know how I would pick.  Good luck everyone and thanks for sharing your doods with us

Here are my photos!! 

Laurie, these are wonderful!!!



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