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While waiting for the announcement of the calendar photos that have been chosen, I thought it would be fun to share our submitted photos.. Here are mine....

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I crashed a back up drive, but still had the photos on Picasa. Not any more....  :-{

Laurie, I spent an hour trying to create a collage on Picasa (which I didn't know I had LOL) so once I had it made after a half hour of trying to figure out how to save it somewhere I could post it, I gave up!  Oh well I tried 

Great photos this year!  Setting the bar higher and higher!

The more I look at the first one, the more I like it!  Good luck!

I absolutely LOVE every single picture!!!  Such gorgeous doods!!!!!!!!!!!  I do not envy Adina.  I don't know how I would pick.  Good luck everyone and thanks for sharing your doods with us

Here are my photos!! 

Laurie, these are wonderful!!! certainly raised the bar for yourself...great pictures of two very adorable doodles!

Wow!  I am so glad you included some of the hat sessions. I just love them.  The one of Fudge in her yellow hat is stunning.

Love them all!  Who would have thought Fudge and lemon went so well together - that's your color girl!  And that yummy cupcake is a classic! 

WOO HOO I figured it out!!!!

How did you do that?



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