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While waiting for the announcement of the calendar photos that have been chosen, I thought it would be fun to share our submitted photos.. Here are mine....

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Replies to This Discussion certainly raised the bar for yourself...great pictures of two very adorable doodles!

Wow!  I am so glad you included some of the hat sessions. I just love them.  The one of Fudge in her yellow hat is stunning.

Love them all!  Who would have thought Fudge and lemon went so well together - that's your color girl!  And that yummy cupcake is a classic! 

Love Love Love!!!! 

Thank you to all!!


WOO HOO I figured it out!!!!

How did you do that?


I think I must be the only one no longer able to access that site :( 

:(   Lori I didnt know I had it but I looked in my list of stuff and found it



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