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For this assignment we will focus on your dog running towards you.

I've provided the guideline in pdf form as it doesn't clutter up the top of every page in the discussion. I know we would all rather see pictures!

I've tried to make it as simple as possible. There are things I recommend doing and not doing, but please note that I am trying to make it as easy as possible to get your dog in focus.

Please read the pdf attached. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be explained better or added to make this as user friendly as possible.

Also please state your camera settings with each photo: ISO, shutterspeed, aperture, and focal length.

And happy shooting!


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Thanks Nancy.

Thanks, Nancy. It has been a long time since I did an action shot. This will be fun. I wonder if Fudge can run in a hat? LOL

I love taking action shots but can't get down on the ground anymore to get a really good angle. Hope these are OK.


These are very cute! What did you use as your focusing point? The focus looks off in both of them. (I'm a real stickler for eyes being in focus! And trust me, I know it's hard! I often shoot 200-300 photos in a short outing if I am doing action.)

Totally understand if you can't get down on the ground. We all have our limitations.

Can't wait to see what you can do if you try some of the principles in the pdf!

So much fun!

This is a great shot!

Please note: I've updated my original post. I would  like us to post our settings along with each photo. In the "old days" when clicking on a photo gave us the full size image, the metadata with the settings was often part of the file. Now I can't see much of anything, so by posting your settings I can give better feedback. It will help everyone following this discussion learn more as well.


I have a question. I have always wondered if some of my out of focus shots are because the shutter speed is too fast? Is that not a possibility?  Also if the dog is not moving, (she got tired after running and lay down) and I don't adjust shutter speed before taking that shot, does that cause it to look blurry?

Hi Lori,

There is no such thing as too fast of a shutter speed.

Can you post an example or 2 with your settings?

It could also be you and not the settings. Some people are more steady in general when taking pictures. If I am out of breath from climbing a hill my ability to hold the camera stead will be diminished. If I've had too much coffee....

There is also something called good technique. Here is a good article.

and of course your issue could be something entirely different.

Please post your images and I will look at them.

I will post them later. On my way out the door now to run some errands. Thank you!

That shutter speed should be more than enough. Can I ask about your camera and lens?  Are you shooting raw?  Can you send me your original file? Pm me and I will give you my info. It's hard to see from this low res photo posted, but I agree that your focus is on the flowers in front, yet even then there should be sharper focus on the flowers. 



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