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I need to get back out there and challenge myself, so I am suggesting this assignment for anyone interested. Let's challenge ourselves with mirrors. Tell a story using a mirror or a reflection. 

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Nancy, you take really great pictures from the back of a motorcycle.  I can't do it from a car.   Love these reflections, especially the first and last. 

I really love taking pictures on the bike.  I shoot tons and delete because many are blurry.  It keeps me really looking at my surroundings; wanting to figure out that next 'great shot.'

i love the scenery reflected in the truck. All of the are fun.

I always like driving behind these trucks and watching the distorted reflections of my car.  How did you get the last shot without being in it?  

Trade secret. :-}

I got it, .invisibility cloak

Perfect for the assignment and your images always tell stories of travel and adventure and help me imagine being of the road with you!!!

Thanks, DJ. I enjoy the skill you have with your camera, but even more, I enjoy your stories and your travels. 

Nancy, I love these, especially the reflections of the mountains. Way to go!!

That was such a lucky capture!

Those are some CLEAN trucks!  Nice capture!

No Mirrors Yet!  I was working on Fences. Just the dog. I had to do a head swap on the green fence because he shut his eyes in all the photos.  



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