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Renaissance Faire

Busy weekend - I shot the Dia de Muertos in San Diego on Saturday and then I shot the Renaissance Faire in Escondido on Sunday.

Renaissance Faires are fun events.  All of the participants enjoy having their photos taken so, it is great for anyone who

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Lots of fun today....

I attended the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro Surfing Contest held at the Oceanside California Pier today (it will go on all weekend).  And I was lucky enough to come away with some pretty nice shots.  I am ashamed to admit this as a Southern California

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It is always nice to learn new techniques which will save me time and make my work easier.

I shoot all of my rescue dog portraits in the landscape configuration because I often need to process them as a calendar and need a horizontally composed image.

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Our girls...

We don't trim watermellon or canteloupe close to the rind.

They are great treats for our girls on a hot day.  By the end of the day, there will be nothing left except the thin green outer rind.

We actually have six hens. The black Australorp was in the

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