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May Assignment Ideas

OK--Mandy has done an awsome job on our monthly photo assignments but she needs a temp reprieve during her busy photography season! So, I volunteered to come up with a May assignment. I will post one by tommorrow evening BUT I would like to hear some

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HELP with my Canon Rebel EOS!

Everything was working just fine until I recently recharged its battery.  I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the battery, that's just the only 'new' thing.  Now all of a sudden it doesn't focus...even on automatic.

At least not up close.  It's

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New Stuff!

I just ordered a remote control remote!! I really hope it works the way I think it will-- the description says it will acivate the camera up to 300 feet away and I've read really positive results from people that have it. This would help so much with

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April Assignment - FRAMING!

Framing is one of my favorite compositional techniques and I think
you’ll enjoy this assignment too! I love finding objects in the
environment to create a frame around my subjects. Framing is another
technique you can use to tell the viewer where to loo

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