Welcome to Agility Doodles. Post your pictures and stories about your agility Doods. Yarra has been doing agility for a year and a half. She was born for it and loves doing it.
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  • So this past weekend I took Murphy to tryout Dock Diving. He is a nut for water as well as a nut for chasing things, He was barking up a storm waiting for his chance to get up on the dock but when he got up and looked into the clear pool he was  na dont, think so. This is a dog I have to take a Jet ski to go after him and get him back to the beach. The instructor told me some dogs just dont like the clear water and it will take time to get him in. Will have to wait for the spring to give it a better shot.

  • Hartley just earned his Master Jumpers Dog of Canada title!!!
  • Congratulations to Stella and Hartley!

  • I forgot to tell you guys that back in November Hartley got his Master Agility Dog of Canada title!!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic!  I found it!  What a pro.  :)

  • I'm on my iPad, so couldn't embed it in the comments section of this discussion, so it is just under the videos tab of this site!
  • Stella,  you did post a video?  Where is it?  I'd love to see!

  • Thanks Barb! He got his first Master Level Qualifying Score today which was pretty exciting! I did post a video of it because Deborah asked if I had any. He isn't the fastest dog, but he is careful! Good luck with Rally. I'd love to try that, but no time at the moment!!
  • Where's the like button? Good job. We are going for our Excellent title  in Rally Obedience next month

  • Great job, Stella and Hartley!

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Where to go for agility?

Hello everybody!Bella loves to jump over everything, run, climb, and other agility like things! All in the house! I don't want her to hurt herself, and she has fun with it. We would love to get her into agility but do not know where to go. We were thinking of making our own, but for now, is there anywhere to go in MD for agility?THANKS!9.2015-1.2016 313.jpg

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Aussiedoodles in Agility?

We are looking into getting a dog and I think I would like to compete with it in agility. Aussiedoodles look like the best option for us, but I have yet to meet one in person and did not see any at the agility competition we visited. Does anyone here have an aussiedoodle they compete with? Thanks. 

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Any Flyball Doodles?

Maserati is finishing up his first round of puppy flyball classes. We have joined a local team, but it will be quite a while before he's ready to compete! He is 9, almost 10 months so he is just beginning jumping and beginning to learn the box turn, without the ball.  He was invited to participate in a demo this weekend for recall including the 4 jumps! I'm excited to see him show off his new skills! :) Any other flyball doodles out there? 

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When to start trials?

Penny has taken classes since the fall and I've been debating entering her in a CPE trial at the end of the month.  On the plus side, she loves running courses; this one will be on her home turf where she is familiar; CPE is a "fun" environment and there won't be another CPE trial that we can attend at our training facility until the fall.  On the negative side, she is still a beginner and has some issues with reactivity. She is nervous around strangers and I think a whole day of being crated…

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