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  • LeAnne, I think you should look into putting him in puppy kindergarten. They learn so much, and they socialize with other puppies who also have not gotten their shots. The group is small, but it really helped Darwin come out of his shell. We enrolled him when he was about 12 weeks old. Also, as an indoor activity I would suggest training. Teach him all of the basics, but also teach him some fun tricks. It keeps their mind working and they love getting the treats from doing the right thing.
  • yes. It really helps. That way she can run and play and get some of that doodle energy out before bedtime. Otherwise she thinks that's playtime. lol

  • It's so nice to have a fenced in area, isn't it? My apartment has one and I'm so glad.

  • Hi. Bella and I live in an apartment in Asheville NC. I luv it here. We have a fenced in area for her to run off leash and a porch for her to lay in the sun on when it actually is warm. lol.  Bella is a 1  yr old Aussiedoodle and I have just fell in luv with her and doodles of all kinds.

  • I agree with you about the winter!
  • Besides walks, hikes and dog parks, Edgar goes to day car three days a week. Living in a condo, We play lots of indoor ball and Edgar usually goes out whenever we do - to the recycling bins (a favorite,) our community garden, the garbage... anything that helps get him out and expending energy. On the whole it works well. But it's definitely harder in the winter,
  • I am fortunate to live by four or five dog parks, so I drive him there as well. It's a lot easier in the summer, during the winter I don't want to drag myself out there! Luckily Darwin isn't super high energy. He's actually pretty lazy. An hour of some romping usually does the trick!
  • I try to start off every day with a long walk which is good for both of us. There is a small area in the back of the condo which has a rather large No Dogs Allowed sign. I am fortunate to live in a town with two colleges that have several open sporting fields where she can run and walk off leash. This means schlepping her to the car for these outings which I do at least twice a day during the week and more on the weekends. There are also several dog parks within a 20mile radius which she enjoys. Sadie absolutely loves to be outside and sometimes I feel bad that she is a "condo dog", so I do try and get her outside as much as I can. Sadly, she is not bothered by any kind of inclement weather and loves snow, cold weather, and rain :)
  • Yes, that counts! It's mostly a no-yard no-space issue. :-)
  • Does owning condo. old brick mill conversion with no seperate entrance or yard come close enough to an apartment? I feel this group would be a good place for me-Sadie is 3 and I have ideas! ;-)
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Tips for potty training in an apartment / townhouse?

We live in a townhouse where getting to "outside" is a walk down a hallway, an elevator ride, then half a block down the street to the nearest grass. So naturally, that won't work for a little pup to go potty - it's just too far for him. We got a Porch Potty which is really awesome - it has real grass on it and we're trying to train him to go there. However, we also have pee pee pads around the house because he's not quite "there yet." When he goes potty upstairs on the grass (or, outside, if…

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Labradoodles and Apartments.

Hey, everyone. My fiance and I are purchasing a labradoodle in the near future, but are curious with how well they do in apartments. We are set on a standard size labradoodle and know that isn't the best size for apartment living. Our apartment is 1,300ish square feet while the nearest dog park is five minutes away. Is that enough? Of course we'll be getting our doodle plenty of toys to play with, but we wouldn't want her or him to not have enough room and start destroying things because of it.

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Transition from house --> Condo

Hi all, My 1.5 yr old doodle is 75 lbs, and I currently live in a two-storey house. He is used to two walks a day +play time in our yard. In a couple months I'm going to be moving to a condo, <600 sq ft, and I am bringing him along. Does anyone have experience with this transition? I will have lots more time to give him a lot of exercise, but I am still worried that he will not be too pleased with the big downsize. Any thoughts? 

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noise complaint after a bad night of barking :(

Duke had a bad night Monday night - we had been away for 3 nights and he didn't sleep in his crate, and slept the whole 3.5 hour drive home Monday afternoon.  Monday night, he wasn't tired, and he certainly didn't want to be in his crate.  He barked off and on for 4 hours until I finally took him out and put him in the bathroom - didn't hear a peep all night.  Wednesday night he slept fine in his crate, totally silent.  We keep the crate in our bedroom and have from day one, so we are closeby…

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