Our redheads are smart and sassy. Share your thoughts and experiences on red and Apricot doodles
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Gorgeous Redheads!

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  • He’s really pretty. 

  • 3367025137?profile=originalHeres a picture of my F1 Golden doodle Jack. I don't know if he will stay Red but from pix of his parents both were mainly. Jacks pictures of mom and dad are in my page my photos as well. I love looking at the pictures here.

    Does anyone have Jacks twin?

    I would love to see what he may look like as a big boy? Hoping curls come-so far we have swirls hehehe.

  • 3367020599?profile=originalWe have 2 red Goldendoodles.

    Finnigan is 10 months and he is a medium size Goldendoodle. Poppy is a 14 week old Petite Goldendoodle. We named her Fiona when she first got home but changed it to Poppy

  • Thank you!  We love the little beast!

    Here is a better pic, using a real camera and not my phone!

    He just turned 5 months old.


  • Adorable!

  • What a cutie!!

  • This is our 4 1/2 month red/apricot Australian Labradoodle. 

    So much fun!3366818922?profile=original

  • Sending you a message about finding a doodle, Krista.

  • Cooper,my 18 month old red head LD is getting more and more blond highlights!!

  • I have always wanted an apricot standard poodle. In June we got Waylon. He is a red goldendoodle. He was at the vet today for shots and weighed in at 57 lbs. we are soooo happy with him still working on training. He has passed beginners and intermediate and we are working at home to reinforce our classes. Great dog
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My little redhead

We picked our puppy at 7.5 weeks after temperament testing solely based on temperament , but I was secretly so happy that this little redhead (most were not reds) was the perfect dog for us!  This is Dante.

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Will she change?

My girl, Gingy, is a red F1 Goldendoodle.  She has these new side bangs coming in and they are much lighter than her other hair. I know this breed is notorious for changing but do you think my pup will? She is 18 weeks. We named her because of her color and I love it so!IMG_9644.JPGIMG_9642.JPG

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