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  • Buddy got a shave down too. He is soooo much happier. We're also back with a trainer for a few new things. Working on "quiet" for unwanted indoor barking. Working towards a longer, distracted stay (boy is that hard). Working to relax at the leash again- he is pulling when he is enthusiastic about things, then settles later in the walk but I'm working on relaxed all the time. Also doing some fun things like fetching more accurately, catching balls in mid air and other fun nonsense stuff. So glad I have him with me for my back n forth every week, he is my buddy. 'Nuff said.
  • I too think Asia's pups are beautiful. Would love to have one for Elly. Elly is a great snuggler, but when I am up, she is up. She is loving the birds and their noise. Also more activity with the neighbors and she is re-introducing herself to them. More walks and time for some more training or re-visiting the training that has been slightly forgotten. Got a spring haircut. Much easier to groom her now.
    I am at a conference in Baltimore and my husband says she is grieving. Go home today and I will be so anxious to see her.
    Have a great spring
    Pat and Elly
  • Asia's puppies are adorable. I have had a good laugh this week, Buddy apparently doesnt like the time change, I have had to wake him up in the morning every day this week, and as soon as he goes out, he comes right back and snuggles in my bed - even though I am getting ready and I am up and about. I have to coerce him into getting moving, it is hilarious. And now that we have had a few mild days, he is out all the time. The spring sniffing season has begun.
  • Asia's Pups are 6 Weeks Old Today! Aren't they cute?!

  • Same here with the matting. We got Elly clipped last week. Sure looks different and wondering where she went. You are so right about those eyes. They drink you right in!!! Elly looks so tall now. Aren't they great snugglers? So soft, like a stuffed animal. Even with the grooming issues I wouldn't change a thing.
    I also hope all is well--Yeh for the coming of Spring. I can't wait!!!
  • Hey everybody,
    A whole week of temps above freezing, its a miracle! So Buddy already started panting and despite daily brushings, matting terribly - and here comes the spring mud. So I gave him his annual shavedown. It is always so shocking to see him in his "birthday suit". Skinny boy, and looks like such a poodle. He was so happy though, pranced all around the house last night and went running and running in the yard. I just have to get used to the new "him". When I snuggled with him in bed last night and I looked into those eyes I thought, well okay, you arent as dashing as you are with your longer coat, but you sure look happy, and those are still the eyes of my favorite four legged guy.

    Hope you are all well and licks from buddy.
  • Hey Paula,
    If Maple has stinky ears let me know. When I had retrievers with stinky ears on the past, I found a homeopathic solution that has gentian violet and boric acid in it. One time - and only one time per ear, and viola - no more stinky ears, ever. It is easy to make but stains everything, so caution is needed but it is a miracle cure.
  • Had 16 month old Maple into the vet last week to get her sore ears checked and she weighed in at 42 pounds. I can't believe how lights these doodles are! Maple has friends who are labs and retrievers who don't look much bigger than her but weigh 20-40 pounds more! I like it that I can still lift Maple!
  • Good luck with the surgery this summer, never heard of that. Winter drags on here. Bud is so anxious to play outside more and he does well in this weather, but I am not out as much with him, so that stinks. Cant wait for spring. We are going to Cancun in March and I found a really neat lady who is a trainer and boards dogs in her home on occasion. Took bud over there to meet her and he will be staying there while we are gone. She told me that his introduction to her three dogs was the easiest meet and greet she had evern seen - ever. Had him to petco yesterday - dont take him much there anymore, but he was a doll. Freezing rain coming down now. Yuk. Hope you are hanging in there.

    Sherry and Bud
  • Elly had her yearly check today. She weighs 34 pounds. Everything was fine. She has a constant vaginal discharge and has since we brought her home. The vet has a surgery that she thinks might help, so we may plan that this summer when we have to board her. She will need to be crated for a week so we thought that would be a good time. Everything else with us is great. She loves the snow. Such a great companion.
    Hope all is well with her sibs,
    Pat and Elly
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Hi EveryoneWelcome to Doodle Kisses! This group was created so ArborGate Labradoodle Puppy Families could talk with each other. Your puppy's littermates are at the same stage, going through the same challenges and joys. Please share you successes, ask questions, share information and tell us about the things you're doing with your pup that are working well. Tell us everything! I hope to actively take part in the forum too!

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