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I'm having so much fun "painting" with my new Corel software, I decided that I would use this post as a place to share my pictures.  Here's my new one....


Here are my other two...

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So pretty and the last two I like especially for their textures and composition

Love it!  Are you using a canvas texture?  I am guessing canvas texture on the beach and the sky and watercolor texture on the water and houses.  Love analyzing photo art. 

Thanks, Lynda.  I started with a canvas pattern in PS and then I pulled parts of the original image through onto that canvas layer, then I painted with a Watercolor brush.

I like the transition of color on the first one, and the last one remind me of Japanese children's picture book or something... very pretty.

Hi Jane

 Do you have your work on a Fine Art America.? If not, you should check it out. Another excellent platform to display your works of art.

I do have a Fine Art America I need to get busy putting some work out there.  Thanks Yvonne.

I am wondering how people on Fine Art America are selling their work at extreme low price....?

You get to set your own price and then FAA adds the cost of the processing and their profit.

Watercolor is my absolute favorite! I can't believe you did this on a computer.  Is it Corel Painter? You are such a talent!

Think about doing them for our members! I would buy one for sure.

Judy, Oliver and now Cooper

Thank you Judy!  I did it in Photoshop.  I use Corel Painter X3 too, but these are in Photoshop.

More roses...

Thanks Sandy.



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