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I'm having so much fun "painting" with my new Corel software, I decided that I would use this post as a place to share my pictures.  Here's my new one....


Here are my other two...

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These are great. Too bad the top one is blurry...or is it my eyes:)

How does the Corel work. It looks like fun!!

Thanks!  The top on is supposed to be a little blurry...sort of abstract.  It's just the style I chose for this one.  The Corel Paint It is just software that allows you to "paint" over a photograph that you've taken.  You can select from several different styles, brushes, pencils, and there is a basic program that does a lot of the work for you.  I love it.  I could play with this all day!
Is it the Corel Painter 11? I may get it...I need a little creative therapy:)
I use Corel Paint It and I got it on Amazon for $19.
I don't know if you have Target stores where you all live but I just picked up the Corel "Paint It!" for $14.00.
I'll check tomorrow. Do they have it for a Mac?
I just bought it today and it is for both PC/Mac.  I installed it on my desktop PC and also on my Mac Laptop.  One disk does it all!!!!  cool
Nancie....please, please post your work in this group.  I love looking at these paintings and seeing what others have done.

Hi Jane! I'm so happy you started a thread here, where we can follow your work! I love what you're doing with the Corel program. You're using "Paint It," right? Ah! These painting programs are so much fun - and so addicting! 


What program do you use for photo editing - to crop your photos, etc?

Thanks, Linda.  I feel a little silly even calling this my "artwork", especially when I see the kind of work you've done.  Yes, I am using "Paint It".  I use a few different programs for photo editing, depending on what needs to be done.  If it's just a crop, I use my IPhoto software because it's quick and easy.  If I need cosmetic corrections I use Picnik or Picasa.  If it's more extensive editing I use Photoshop Elements 9.

Here's another one from Newport.  I have to stop working on these....I have way too much to do to be playing like this.

One more today...Snapdragons.



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