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Alright Atlanta doodles..we don't get snow very often so I'm hoping you're all outside having "photo shoots" with your doodles like I am. I think it will fun to see everyone's pictures so post your favorite snow doodle picture (or pictures) and tell us where in ATL you are. :-)

This is Timbow, a F1 goldendoodle in Smyrna.

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oh my goodness...just when you think Timbow couldn't get any cuter! I keep going outside without my phone...I'll make an effort to get Callie in the snow!

Some fun pics of a few of my current litter and some of my adult dogs out in the snow this am...:) Carol Southern Charm Labradoodles in Snellville Georgia!

Carol - you have some super cute doods!!! Callie's a little jealous...y'all have more snow than we do!
Carol they are soooo cute in the snow! I bet they were having a ball. Auggie and Gabby seem to love this cold weather, they are the only ones in this house that do!!! We didn't get any snow:(
Carol, these pictures are adorable! I especially love the red puppy! So cute!!!
No snow here in Eatonton:(
Bummer. :-(
Tahoe LOVES the snow, let him off leash in the mountains and he had a blast. Wish it wasn't sooo cold!!!!

He loves catching snow ball!!!!
Post some pictures Diana! We'd love to see him! :-)
There was snow, but I'm a doof and didn't think to get a pic of Angel out in it. She's a little unsure of whether she likes the weather at the moment. She might just be reaching her threshold for cold tolerance...
lol...poor Angel. Have you gotten her a sweater?
Not yet, but then again I didn't think it was necessary; she's always LOVED cold weather before, but I think the ice is the deciding factor. After all, it's much easier to contend with a cold ground than a SLUSHY cold ground...



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