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Hi guys.  It's supposed to be 91 with a heat index of 95-97 degrees this Saturday, so I thought this weekend a great time to introduce Angel and Toby to the joys of swimming.  Does anyone have suggestions for a quiet spot with calm waters?  A place where they can be off leash without worry?  Thank you all!

~Krista, Angel, and Toby

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did you find  a place

Yes! Red Top Mountain, the trail behind the office.  There are several spots throughout that trail that are great places to swim.  I particularly liked the fact that the entrance had sunken pinestraw a little ways into the water; it acted as a sort of bathmat to prevent slipping.  Toby took to swimming like the water dog he is; Angel didn't really enjoy swimming unless she was retrieving something.  All in all, though, it was a great day and I will be back. =)

great. i've thought about going up there several times. they used to have a dog walking club up there every sunday morning, but i never got around to going. was it crowded. were there other dogs and did you have them off leash on the trail. how did they do off leash. i guessed the place might be pretty crowded this morning because of Memorial day. thanks for letting me know. i am off this week, so i may try to go.

I went Saturday, and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be.  There were people there, surely, but I had no trouble finding my own private area by the lake.  I didn't have the dogs off leash on the trail, but I did let them off leash in the water (I thought it was safer that way.)  They did surprisingly well off leash.  Toby of course never wanders too far from me, but I was surprised that Angel came to my whistle when they were running about.  Anyway, I'm definitely going to go again, maybe this weekend or during the week. I want to get a floating stick for Angel to go retrieve.  She enjoyed fetching a regular stick (until she chewed it up). Anyway, let me know how Eloise and Sam like it.  =0)

thanks for the info. i might go sometime this week. let me know if you are going and maybe we can meet up



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