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DRC found Trooper posted on CL.  He is an F1 LD, 6 months old and needs someone who can teach him his manners.  From Trooper's dad...

Trooper was born 01-18-2010. As  it was explained to us, his "parents" were left at home with a pet sitter watching them. They didn't know their female Lab was
in heat, and didn't think their 12 month old Red Standard poodle would do
anything anyway. Surprise! I thinki they had a litter of 6 or 8.
Trooper was 11 weeks old when we got him. We had recently had to put down our 14 year
old Jack Russell, and our 8 year old was miserable by himself. So, Trooper
became the newest family member. He was pretty timid at first but quickly became
a wild man. We kept him plied with toys and worked hard on the housebreaking
that his previous people apparently hadn't.
Trooper learned pretty much to go potty outside, it was just the peeing inside we really had to work on, and
work on.
Anyway, here we go:
He is a high energy puppy, and plays accordingly which is a little too rough for our 8 year old. His 2 favorite
maneuvers are to get a good head of steam and then run into the 8 yearold,
knocking him over. The other is the grab onto the neck and hang on for the
Trooper will dig if he is not being watch closely. He enjoys chewing sticks and bark, as well as rocks and concrete! He used to be bad about
grazing in the yard, but not so much any more.
Trooper can be a little standoffish, not joining the  rest of the family all the time. But at bed time,
he will be right in the middle of the bed, snuggling with one of us.
He gets bored, being in the  house so much due to the extreme heat, and our
disabilities. We try to run him outside early and late to help, then we play him
to death with toys inside.
Trooper is a thief, who is particularly attracted to paper products, but will swipe anything he can reach. And being so
tall, he can reach a loit. His latest trick is inspecting the kitchen counters
when he can slip away from us, and try to help himself to whatever looks good.
He has stolen my keys 3 times, I'm worried he's going to try and steal the truck
one night <grin>. He also has a taste for Coke and has eaten a couple of
partially full cans. He is part billy goat.
He has many hours of getting along, then he will let evil Trooper out and the games begin. Usually morning
and night. he loves him some toys, and they do help him stay
Trooper still associates riding in the truck with a bad thing, but yesterday he was a little easier on his travels. That should change pretty
easily with a few more rides that don't involve the vet
That's about it. I guess looking at everything together he's just puppy dumb, and hasn't learned everything he needs to. He is
microchipped through Home  Again and I'm sure can be transferred with no

Nina Whitefield
DRC - Georgia Coordinator

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Hi Nina - I just saw this post. What is up with Trooper?
Frannie, I haven't heard anymore on Trooper. I just pinged Adrienne to find out status. BTW, congrats on Bixby's pending adoption.
The couple has decided to keep Trooper and hire an in-home trainer. Keep your fingers and paws crossed.



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