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does any one else have trouble with the dirt drying on the doodles, especially the feet. and the red dust permeating the house.

does anyone know if there is a filter system that traps this kind of dust.


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I'm sory but I couldnt help but laugh.  Georgia red clay.  It is everywhere.  It stains my clothes, and itis on our shoes and work clothers. We track it in along with the dogs every day.  We live on a small farm in north west sc.  We clean floors every couple of days and dust a lot. Short of having a bucket of water to dip the dogs feet in, I don't have a clue how you would keep it out.  I have a friend with a white doodle that says having a white doodle in the south is about as practical as having white carpet.

Lynne, i even have the red dust on my bath tub and sink. it's just all over the house like fairy dusting. my son has Eloise's old sister (same parents, different litters) and we couldn't figure out how their dog was so much whiter than mine (they live in Charleston). So over thanksgiving they came to visit for a few days and their white doodle went back as an apricot. i've had several people comment on apricot doodles. i have to tell them that after baths, they are almost completely white. anyway, if you ever hear of a filter system, let me know.

Everytime we give Cotton a bath it seems to rain and he has so much fun running in the mud and then he comes in the house looking for black than white.  lol



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