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Hey guys - summer is upon us and what better way to celebrate than June doodle meet-up? Here's the plan:



Saturday June 26th



First - the dog park at Westover Plantation (off Howell Mill/Collier Rd on Atlanta's WestSide). I can provide directions/info to attendees closer to the time.

Second: After a short play time, we will be going to The Thirsty Dog Tavern (



Let's plan on meeting at 4pm.



Yes, it might be hot at 4pm but our dog park (this is in the town home community in which I live) is very shady. There is a bench, but if you have a camp chair, you might want to bring it.

At the Thirsty Dog, we can take our doods on their shaded patio (I thought they got to go inside but I was mistaken). I spoke with their manager who said that the patio is shaded and has a consistent breeze.


If people are concerned about the heat, I'm happy to switch the time to early evening for the park part and then after dark for the bar. I just didn't want to encroach on anyone's Saturday night plans!


I think this will be a really fun way for the humans and doggies to hang out. I hope you can attend!

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Definitely count the Whitefield pack in.
If I can find a doggie stroller for Riley, we will be there! :)
Count on me, Emmett and Boomer
We would love to come!

Can you post directions to the dog park? Thanks.
Hey - not sure what direction everyone is coming from, so please mapquest or GPS the following address (love that we have a generic address available so I don't have to publish mine!)
1 Middle Plantation Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

You will need to dial 111 from the keypad at the gate. Once inside the gate, turn left at the dead end. You will see a sign that says "Tennis Court Parking". Please park in that area. If you and your dood walk straight back from where you parked, you'll see the dog park. I will provide water, bowls, and tennis balls.
thanks see you there
The Whitefield pack will be there in spirit. Enjoy everyone. I will miss you. But I will be getting my doodle fix. I am taking my sister's Westie to a Trinity doodle romp in Winter Haven, FL. Hmm, I wonder if I can bring a doodle back as carry-on on AirTran? :)



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