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I'm in ATL and looking for a Golden Doodle. Have you two found any breeders locally or can offer any suggestions?

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I know there is a breeder in Athens but when I was looking for my golden doodle I visited and I felt like the dogs were not treated very well. Also the breeders were not very knowlegable. I got mine from a family in Douglasville...but I am not sure if they have a litter on the way or not. Good luck with your seach.

Thanks for the information. I'll keep looking.
I will be getting a puppy from Teri Fann, who is on this site, but she is in Tennessee. She's very open with the whole process and seems honest. I have not yet visited the facility, however. The website, in case you want to visit it, is I will be getting a puppy from the Monique/Cooper pairing.



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