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  • Hi there- we have an 8 month old ALD- anyone have the experience of pup skipping meals?
    • Lisa, this would be better in a discussion. I have a now 13 year old doodle (he is an ALD but it doesn't matter what the dog is) who has often skipped meals for his entire life. He has always self regulated his weight. If he was hungry, he ate or I picked it up until the next meal. If he wasn't hungry, he ate some or nothing. My guy preferred to eat alone and not have someone hanging around (including our other dogs) but most dogs like you to hang out with them while they eat.
      Another thought is that if he’s still eating 3 meals a day you could cut one out. Many doodles begin slowing their growth down so need less food.
  • Excited to join this group. Love learning and talking about Doods but, in my opinion... Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles are the best!!
  • Glad to see a group for ALD owners! I adore my 2.5 yr old "boy". We seem to be going through a new phase of personality change. This one is more cuddly, but also suspicious of strange things. Anyone experienced this so late in the game? Also, how do we join this group? Thanks!
    • This is considered a big fear time, think of it as his teenage years starting. Teenagers are such a mess because they are caught between being afraid of being grown up and wanting to be "grown" whatever that mean. This is another important socialization time, treat it just like you did when he was young. This too will pass.
    • I also have a 2.5 yr old female ALD that has all of a sudden developed a "fear". We visit a local nursing home twice weekly for several hours and everything was fine. All of a sudden she is afraid and keeps turning around as if something was stalking her, tail between her legs, so upset at times, she won't even take a treat. She was fine before this and I can't figure out what is going on.
  • He's not middle color, he's blue merle color which is black and white all over. Beautiful!
  • Brand new to all this doodle but proud owner of a 5 month old blue middle colored male multi generational Australian labradoodle. So cute, so goofy, so trainable, and gets along with everyone and all dogs so far. In obedience training and he's better at it than I am...hoping to train him to be a therapy dog later. Any suggestions on how to train him to play fetch? He won't play any of it currently and I would love to exercise him more. He's a moyen standard and is 39.3 one at 5.5 months! Possibly in 50 pound range when full grown although both multi gen parents were 39 and 40pounds. Any comments appreciated.
  • We have friends looking for an ALD breeder in New England. Wally's breeder is no longer in business and Charlotte's doesn't have any current litters. Does anyone know of a breeder to recommend? Thanks!

    • We got our ALD from Landmark Labradoodles. They are a home breeder and don't have crazy amounts of litters at one time, so not sure when their next one is. They are located in Connecticut. Our doodle boy is 2-1/2 and has such a great personality, was crate trained when we got him at 8 weeks and all around great temperament.
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ALD Breeder Recommendation

We are looking for a Mini Australian Labradoodle that will end up around 20 lbs as an adult. Looking for a wavy fleece coat in gold/apricot/red. Fingers crossed that he/she is a swimmer to coincide with our boating lifestyle.Our "short" list of breeders is: -Whispering Winds -Manor Lake -Log Cabin (We like the idea of the addition of Charm School) -Heartsong -Swinging GateIf you have any comments, either pro or con, please feel free to PM me with any details. We are certainly opened to other…

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ALD Cockapoo mox

Hi all ! I currently have 2 medium ALD, and love their temperament and the endearing looks!  We are looking into adding a third and I was looking into a puppy from a ALD and 3rd generation cockapoo.  I have read that there can be a cockapoo infusion in an ALD, but my concern is the puppy will look like a cockapoo and not an ALD... does anyone have any knowledge about this>  I have tried to research on the web, but have come up empty handed.  If anyone has any info they can share it would be…

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