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  • Hello everyone! I'm new to Doodlekisses.com. I've had goldens for years and just put my 14 year old down. I'm now looking for a doodle and live in Glendale. Are there rescues or ever any adults available? I'm not sure I want to start over with a puppy!!
  • Anyone in the Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria area that would like to get our doodles together?! 

  • How do you know where I am from or what connections I have in AZ? Furthermore, the people of AZ that are on here are all well versed in what to look for in a breeder and want to run away from....

    Iam not tying to be rude.....really I don't know you...I would love to welcome you to DK...etc....but if you didn't have a connection with said breeder why would you be defensive of someone trying to ensure you get the best possible bred dog with health checks and guarantee ...My breeder gives a two year one...but recently a five year old doodle had an eye problem at FIVE years old...she paid for the corrective eye surgery....that is a good breeder...
  • Karen has a labradoodle his name is Jack. He is absolutely adorable...Jack has cost Karen more in medical costs the. I guarantee you anyone would pay...I think alone close to $15,000 in one year. Karen never promoted breeders, while she doesn't oppose them, she is adamant that they are responsible. Her sweet JAck was dumped in a shelter where she rescued him.

    As karen stated she is part of the biggest rescue group for doodles ever. She sees what happens when cheap breeding occurs....you get sick doodles who end up being dumped.

    As far as Karen needing to contribute more help....please go to main page and see top contributors she is up there...she spends more time on here helping other people with food choices, loose poop, sick doodles then just about anyone on here,

    She answers the same questions day In and out because people, don't use the search engine...

    If karen is raising questions it's because she is tired of picking up the pieces of back yard breeders sloppy work.

    I am not saying that is what you are...you name is gone but Karen is pretty good at calling them out and she is extremely fair.
  • LOL, I think you need to spend more time looking around this site. Read the guidelines. This site promotes doodle rescue and responsible breeding. As one of the founders of the largest, most active doodle rescue group in existence, it's laughable that you would say that I am promoting breeders. I think you are the one who needs to learn what she is talking about and to whom she is speaking. As for spending my time "helping" people, check out The Food Group comments section. 

    Anyone can use any name they choose here. That proves nothing. I do notice that you removed your "breeder" recommendation. Thank you. Now how about sharing photos of your goldendoodle? 

  • Anyone has the right to join any group and comment. Some people have more than one home in more than one state. I am a member of this group because my dog originally came from AZ and I have friends here in this group. I am definitely not a breeder, my dog was adopted from a shelter. And if you read the DK Guidelines, you will see that breeder recommendations are not permitted here. This is not a site of people promoting "overpriced" puppies, this is a site promoting RESPONSIBLE breeding. Cost is not the only factor. How about testing the breeding dogs to screen out devastating genetic diseases? How about offering a decent warranty? How about the rest of the guidelines for choosing a breeder? 

    In fact, I believe that you are the breeder that you recommended. Your profile photo is from the website you linked, you offer no real info about yourself, no photos of your actual dog, you joined the site and immediately within minutes started trying to help this breeder sell puppies. I think you ARE this backyard breeder you are promoting.  

  • Rani, this breeder does not look very reputable at all. There is no mention of genetic health testing on the parents, and with the price of the puppies being about half of what a reputable breeder charges, it's very doubtful that any testing has been done. The purchase contract does not mention a spaying or neutering requirement, which is a red flag, and it does not offer reimbursement for vetinary treatment for genetic health issues, only a replacement puppy. Also, reputable breeders do not advertise puppies for sale on Craig's List. http://phoenix.en.craigslist.org/nph/for/3817308010.html

    Please read the Doodle Kisses guidelines for finding a reputable breeder. This is the criteria we recommend here for anyone purchasing a puppy, and the bare minimum that a "great" breeder should be offering: http://phoenix.en.craigslist.org/nph/for/3817308010.html

  • Hello All,


    I'm new to the site and I'm looking for an F1B puppy to bring into my home! I have been searching the internet for breeders in the area and have found a couple. Could anyone here shed some light on the breeders they purchased from and the experience they had? I'm in the Phoenix area but willing to drive wherever in the state to pick up the pup!


    Thank you all for your help!

  • Hi all, we had a very sparse doodle romp sat, April 7 th mostly due to the fact that I didn't send out any reminder! So sorry. Wish I had another sat free in April to do a make up romp, but I do not. Anyone want to meet on a Sunday? Early? 8:00 am? That I can do any sunday. Our next romp is March 5th at 8:00 am and I will try to remember to send out reminders. Getting old brain syndrome I guess.
  • I set up a Facebook group for Tucsonians to set up our romps- "Tucson Goldendoodles"


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Knee surgery?

Our medium labradoodle, 39 lbs. started limping yesterday while playing ball. We took her to the vet today and he said she probably had a cruciate ligament tear which would require surgery.  We are planning on getting a second opinion as the surger sounds like it requires lots of down time and money and the results don't sound so great.  Just wondered if anyone had experience with this in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and could recommend a good surgeon.  I know we have posted this everywhere and…

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