For all Gabby Jack Ranch Family Dogs! (Formerly the Back Porch Labradoodles)Please post here so that we can stay in touch and meet each other...
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  • Aw, thank you Diane and Jacque! 


    I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2011! :) 

  • Hi will be great to get together with you! Let's look at a calendar and set a date!


    Linda is a very kind and talented person...and I appreciate her support and friendship so much. I actually responded to her on her own page with DK because I never know who reads this page...I hope that many do!


    I feel so honored to be supported by the caliber of people that you and Linda are...thank you, both, very much!


    Happy 2011 to you all!!

  • Jacque--happy holidays!! Linda (and Toby) is the incredibly talented artist that did that gorgeous digital painting of Dakota! She acknowledged Gabby Jack Ranch on her own website, which I thought was so kind and thoughtful . . . I can do a Sunday in Jan if you can . . .
  • Hi! I joined to show my support for you and your wonderful organization. *hug*
  • Yes! certainly do! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • Do we count??????? (smile!!) Just got back --will email you soon . . .
  • Hello??? I would love to hear from my Doodle Families! Pleeeease?
  • Hey, no wonder my group isn't growing! I have not been keeping up! I am sorry...Amber! I would have written back...I didn't get an email about this note that you wrote. Guess it is all water under the bridge now, eh?
    I love Swany...and it was so great meeting you at the Doodle Romp.
    Terry and Vicky too!! What fun to have so many of my babies in one place!
  • Whoops...sorry, Kingston, added you twice! :o)
  • And Kingston and Yoda!!! Welcome!
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Our Family, an introduction

From our wonderful parent program, the Back Porch Labradoodles of California, we became a small, but growing non-profit corporation called the Gabby Jack Ranch!Located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in northern California, the Gabby Jack family continues to grow. More of our wonderful dogs are being raised to serve special needs children and adults and we continue to provide quality puppies for pets.It is my hope that we connect through Doodle Kisses and that we…

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