Let's face it, our doods get into some trouble from time to time. This is a forum where they can fess up to their bad behavior
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  • Mom had put the piece of (wrapped) cheese inside of a ziploc and put it in her purse to have a snack during the day. She forgot about it, until she found a piece of the wrapper on the floor and small bits of the red wax in the carpet. Yesterday, when there was a cookout at Aunt Robyn's, mom let us have a dog party at her house. There were 6 other dogs there, so mom must not be mad any more. Or she's gone completely around the bend and is crazy. She said she would have taken pictures, but she dropped her phone in toilet Sunday night. I had a blast playing with Louie (shihtzu mix), Farley, (SC wheaten), Einstien (goldendoodle), Si (siberian husky), Bella (lab mix), and Baxter (chihuahua mix). Si and Farley got into a fight over an antler, so all the toys got put away (the plushies had already been put away, because Einstein tends to swallow them whole) but otherwise, we were decently behaved!  Mom said she was pretty proud!
  • Hey Callie, they don't call it Entertainment Weekly for nothing and I bet it did entertain you. Cheese in the purse, really, that is just too much.
  • I agree. There is only so much a dood can take. LOL
  • Wait. Cheese? In your purse????

    Okay, I gotta side with Callie on this one.

  • Callie here again...and I'm a bad dood again. Mom says that my bestie Louie is going through his "teen years" and is a bad influence on me. I say mom - if you put your purse on the mail table and then just leave leave the house with me and Louie inside, we're going to check it out. EVEN if it means pulling down all mail to get to the purse. Furthermore, if you leave a piece of baby bel light cheese in your purse...well, you know the rest. MAYBE we didn't HAVE to shred the contents of your purse. Maybe we didn't HAVE to chew up all the mail that we got off the table and sprinkle it throughtout the house (entertainment weekly..yummmmm). And mayby, just maybe, we could have picked a day that the cleaning folks hadn't just been there. Whatevs - I say I'm being treated unfairly.

  • Callie - you and Louie are an inspiration to all of us paper loving doods...next time ya got to tell your mom and Auntie Robyn to take a picture to share with the rest of us doods so we can marvel at the fun of shedding 500 pieces of paper:) xoxo Bandit... (sissy Rosey isn't a fan of the paper like me)
  • Hey guys - Callie here and my mom says I was a bad dood. I had a play date over at my bff/bf Louie's house last night and his mama went out for a little while (Louie is currently doggona non grata at my house because he peed on mom's bed last week). While we were alone, we got a whole ream off paper off the desk and had a party. I never knew that 500 sheets of paper could be so much fun! We shredded them all over the house. Every inch! Auntie Robyn was SO mad when she came home that my mom came over to help her clean up. Mom and Auntie Robyn were smart enough to know that Louie was the instigator, but unfortunately they could also see my (figurative) paw prints all over the shredding.
  • Mom keeps washing my face, brushing my teeth and then I get a yummy treat.  I get all this just for retrieving paper from the big water bowl.  Mom keeps saying "Clover stay out of the toilet, PLEASE".  What's a toilet?  Oh I almost forgot.  My two legged best friend Lexi gets in to big trouble just because she gives me paper to play with.  I don't get it. 
  • Callie, I will try but hey seem to think I should love my stuffed toys and not kill them. Isn't that weird?

  • Huff - Callie here. Tell your folks that plush toys are only good once the stuffing has been removed!

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I have a mental problem... I take stuff(pizza crust, paper towels,etc.) out of the garbage and bring it to Sam (while wagging my tail). I am trying to tell her that I have an addiction I can't stop! I also LOVE  to shred paper towels from the garbage under the kitchen table, Why I do this over and over again after being punished? I have no idea....Please Help Me!9.2015-1.2016 005.jpg

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Evil Miss Olive

Miss Olive is now one. I am thinking she is smarter than the two of us at times. Lately she is wanting to go out to potty, she goes to the door and stomps on her bell. We get up and as soon as we try to put her leash on( something we have always done, no fence here) she puts her feet in front and butt in the air and starts running and barking and growling while crazy! She then pretends she is biting on the way by, never actually grabs us but out of control. We have tried turning our backs or…

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Double Trouble

Crackers is officially a Bad Dood! She and her pal Pickles have figured out how to scale the fence. Although Pickles is not a Doodle, I think she should be an honorary Bad Dood too! Pickles is half Crackers size and has taught Crackers how to jump the fence. Wherever Pickles goes, Crackers has to follow. They are best of friends, but going to get each other in trouble with their mischief!

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I ran in the rain and loved the mud puddles my mom not so much

Sophie and Rico decided to not listen to "go pee pee" and decided to instead take off and run like wild horses through the muddy rainy backyard. I grabbed them and had to bathe them right there because they were a complete disaster! gave them both a bath went to put things away and as I was I noticed out of the corner of my eyes a white doodle outside again running through the mud puddles!! After her bath she decided that it was too much fun and escaped to do it again. Yup, had to bathe her…

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