Bandit was a bad dood

My name is Bandit and I have been a bad dood.  Last weekend my daddy got up really early and went to the gym but mommy was tired so she was sleeping.  Even though she gave us a rawhide to chew on I found daddy's work portfolio with some really yummy tasting papers.  I was having so much fun making the big pieces of paper into little tiny ones!  Well mom heard me and woke up and started yelling at me and took the papers away:(  She said they were daddy's notes from a very important meeting he had at work.  When dad got home he was super mad at me I tried to say I was sorry but I didn't know that that would make him mad.  So I helped mommy tape up the papers, she looked like she was having fun putting the puzzle back together but she said that I was a bad little boy and she didn't want to spend 2 hours on a Sunday taping papers back together.  I had to spend the whole day being extra cute so mommy and daddy wouldn't be mad anymore, and of course, it worked!

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  • I dunno I must have done pretty good guys cuz momma says Santa is COMING!!! Woo Hoo!!

    • oh my goodness!:) You must have not been that bad!:) Good for you, Bandit! Santa is bringing Huff some toys too.:)

  • Geez Bandit it seems that your past misdeeds are coming back to haunt you. I bet you've been an absolutely perfect doodle since then. :>)

  • Good thinking with the cuteness factor. Whenever I do bad stuff I just try to look adorable and they forget all about it! - Darwin

  • Awww....... poor Bandit:( He ddn't mean to chew up those papers, it was an accident (between you and me, Bandit:)) Poor baby:( Doodles love paper!

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