I like Salami

So I have never taken food off of the counter before yesterday. My Mom told me it was a no, and to leave it. I always listen when I hear leave it. Well the other day Mom was downstairs doing some walking machine. I hate when she does it I can't go down with her. My two big brothers were hungry and opened the big white box. I heard the words get out the salami, I never had that stuff before. It smelled divine. Well the boys got busy making something called a sandwich. there was some green stuff a red thing and oh there was cheese. That I know I like. Mommy gives that to me every once in a while when I practice my tricks. Now I am really interested. I must being doing something right if cheese it involved, RIGHT? So mom is still downstairs, she didn't say leave it, the boys walked out of the room Daddy called them to look at something. So I took both of those sandwich things. They were really good. The boys came back they seam upset, and confused. If it weren't for the few crumbs of bread on my beard I would have escaped. After all she didn't say leave it. I think I am in trouble!!!

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  • It was your big brothers fault that and nobody said leave it. Huff likes salami too. When we went to pick up Huff at the vet after he got fixed the lady who was taking care of him said that he had thrown up. She showed us the contents of his puke that she had placed in a ziploc bag and there was a slightly torn salami wrapper in the bag. We were so embarassed.
    • Maybe Huff and Achilles can go out for salami sandwiches some day, lol
    • Awww.... that would be nice. So cute:) I'm sure Huff would love that:) haha
  • Achilles, you need to make your brothers type the story and their pictures in this group and let them admit the guilt of being "bad doods" and they need a timeout!! We want a picture of the sami to it sounds delicious!!
  • You are all right my mom was mad at my big brothers, she said they tempted me (what ever that means) She got loud when she talked to them. I never heard her get loud before. Then she gave me a kiss and told me it wasn't my fault. Not sure what she meant. I like the kisses though. My brothers told me they are never leaving a sandwich again. I really did like the salami though. Oh well! I am just glad to know that Mom knows it was my brother's fault.
  • Totally your big brother's fault, you are ALMOST blameless. :-) Hopefully your stomach doesn't hurt too bad....
  • Achilles, I don't think you are in anywhere near as much trouble as your brothers!!!! But I hope you don't have a tummy ache!
  • The question is "whose really in trouble - you or your big brothers". I'm betting it's your big brothers who will "take the heat" on this one, Achilles. I'm not going to let Guinness & Murph see your posting....they haven't discovered the "joy of sandwiches" yet.
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