I think he is going to be banned from sitting on my lap while I read and write on here.. My little stinker butt at two years old for the first time ever, decided to help himself to my dinner!!


The kicker of the whole thing is, I was reading in the food group today and feeling like I wanted to add more home cooked meals to hid Orijen, just some chicken.

So I grilled my chicken and I put mine on a plate next to my bed, where I was going to sit, relax and eat, I went back to the kitchen because I grilled Jacks chicken separate so he didn't get any of the marinade on his, As I was cutting up his chicken and sweet potato, I got this strange feeling and ran to my bedroom.. There he was standing on my bed, leaning over eating my dinner.. He got all my chicken, so much for no marinade for him and all that was left was spinach and cut up chicken that I already had put into his dog bowl for his dinner.


Jack scored two dinners, I am eating a peanut butter sandwhich with spinach on the side. I will never ever say that Jack has never or Jack will never.... UGGGGG.


He has never been so bold to eat off my plate before ever.. I yelled at him and now he is moping in his room and I am still hungry!!!

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  • I know, and I know he was hungry because he didn't eat before I took him to his play group for the day.. (I told him to, he never listens) So I know he was hungry but he has been hungry before, I have left a full plate of food on my bed and told him to leave it and he has..


    His tummy is nice and full and mine is rumbling.. Lesson learned.. I am most grateful that he didn't eat my Chocolate Vita Muffin.. Now I won't leave a morsel of food within his reach... Chocolate would have been a nightmare....

  • Jennifer, how could you expect him to resist that....it was within his reach and calling his name....Jaaaaack.
  • Oh Jennifer, I know just how you feel!  Hubby and I eat off of TV trays alot in the living room.  Buddy, who is almost 6 years old and never touched a meal left alone, stole half of a New York steak from my plate after I walked away to the kitchen!!!  I looked at the plate, asked hubby if he had taken it into the kitchen with him, when he said no I peaked outside and there was Buddy gulping it down.......  I don't ever say never with mine either, but I used to be so proud that they left the food alone and I could trust them, hmph, now we have to tag team watch the trays if one of us has to leave the room :)
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