Okay... Our Turn!

What is it today?  I think "Earl" is messing with our Doodles' systems!  Tori grabbed a bag of white bread off of the counter before and ate about 8 slices!  Thank God she left the metal twisty thing on the floor.  She has NOT counter surfed in - I don't know when.... Called the vet and he said she should be fine... it will pass.  BUT... being the nervous doodle mom as we all are, I worry about bloat.... Is this something you guys think I should be fretting about?  She knew she was 'bad'.  When we came home her 'slink' was a dead give away.  All I had to say is, "Tori-Marie... what did you do?"... She's either punishing herself by laying under the coffee table, or she's too full to move!

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  • We feed huff bread and hes fine
    • LOL Oh, I give her bread in small bite size pieces, but this was like 8 slices at once... it's been well over a month now and she's fine...she was just a bit mopey and her stool was very firm and light in color - lol - she must have felt bloated with that lump in her tummy though.
  • LOL... It's not even a full moon yet! She's wlaking around and barking at the door, but not very mobile... she's doing a lot of laying down. Maybe it IS the atmospheric pressure from coast to coast! Jane ~ we got NOTHING! Just some light rain! How 'bout YOU?
    • Nothing yet....they're saying around 9:00 PM we'll be getting some high winds and downpours. It's incredibly humid right now though. I can't wait till this storm passes and we get some clear, cool weather. I'm glad you're fine on L.I.
  • That's a lot of bread but she is going to be okay :)
    During lunch Peri ate a piece of POOP - on our walk. I could not stop her. WHAT THE DOOD? Somethin's up today.
    • EWE! Miss Peri! Now that's not very "lady like"!
  • OMG....that's a lot of bread! I'm guessing she doesn't feel too great right now. I think there's something going on with the atomospheric pressure. Murph has the worst case of zoomies I've ever seen. He won't stop running like a lunatic, pivoting on and off the furniture. Guinness is laying low under the bed.
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