OH MY GOD!! We are dog sitting Rosey's BFF Ruby a 13 month old goldendoodle and I have walked her 3 times this morning and she only peed once.  I just went into the bedroom and She PEED on our BED, TWICE.  OMG, OMG what do I do??  I threw the mattress pad and blanket in the wash but it is in our mattress. DH IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!  I

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  • So it's been over 24 hours DH hasn't said a word I think we're in the clear! TY DK! You rescued me;)
    • YAY! DHs everywhere, be very afraid!
    • Yes, we're good....when the DK women band together those poor DHs don't stand a chance. I think we're the Sisterhood of the ________________. You fill in the blanks.
  • Okay, I am making steak and potatoes for dinner, I think I deserve it. The bed is dry and made. Ruby is at home, I ended up taking her home cuz her DP's were working late. Bandit is all drugged up and sleepin behind the couch. Rosey is playing Sofa Soccer. And DH isn't even home yet. Life is back to can be:)THANK YOU ALL for helping me thru THIS DAY & THIS WEEK! God help me if anything goes awry tomorrow. I definately plan on sleepin in:)
    • You're due for a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend. What will you do if your DH goes to bed tonight and says...."what's that smell?". Just kidding.....
    • I have no idea! At that point I might have to give up and confess. Then maybe he would agree to go get that KING sized bed I have been wanting!
    • I'll tell you "WE" are better than any other entertainment a woman can have! And, by the way... have you ever noticed that we are MOSTLY woman (well except for the occasion peek from Clark, or one of the 'other' men) Who else would be able to totally understand why we worry so much, spend so much time on the computer, and now... possibly drink a bit more often than we used to! UGH!
      I have one of those mattress covers on my son's bed.. It does crinkle a used to be that I worried about 'nighttime accidents', but now we have one b/c of his allergies to dust mites.... he couldn't be allergic to pollen/grass like my older son... it had to be DUST mites... but that, my friends is another discussion!
      Suzann - I wish you a very calm evening and a wonderful weekend!!!!! No one deserves it more than YOU!
    • YOU'RE SO RIGHT, SHELLY!!!! I have a feeling this story isn't over though.....
    • I think you're right... tomorrow ~ Part II of "As the Mattress Turns" or "The Days of Our Doodles" LOL
    • LOL LOL LOL Hilarious Shelly!!!!
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