My perfect little angel has been a naughty teenager lately.  At 8.5 months - he ripped up his first toy and just now, my little 20 lb dood - stood on his back legs, stretched way up high and was eating raw hamburger off of a plate on the kitchen island.  How the whole plate full of burgers didn't get pulled off, hitting him in the head - I'll never know - he was just nicely eating from the edge of one burger.  I heard this wet smacking noise and looked up and there he was - welcome to the bad doods group Rooney!

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  • Rooney, Duuuude!  What took you so long?  It's about time!  Welcome to 'the club'!  Next week I signed up for the class "How to steal and covert your mom's best shoe  101" ... care to join me?  -  Love, Tori!
  • Welcome to the club Rooney! I will personally give you lots of creative ways to keep your mom on her toes. Just give her those big doodle eyes and you will be amazed what you can get away with. {{hugs}} Hunter
  • Woo Hoo Rooney!  Guinness is the "goody, goody" in our family, but I'm a BAD TO THE BONE Dood at heart.  I've been behaving lately, because when I'm naughty it only means one thing around here....MORE TRAINING!  I'll do anything to avoid that.  Last week our Mom posted about how grown up we were now, and how good.  Well, tonight we proved her wrong!!! It was AWESOME!  Yup we ate one of the "rug rat's" Crocs.  Nobody was looking and Guinness and I got it and brought it under the living room chair....and then we chewed up the front part where the little guy's toes go.  We spit out all the little pieces cause we know what happens when you eat's not pretty when they try to "induce vomiting".  You should have heard the little kid cry....actually scream.  Apparently these are "special Crocs" that he got in Boston.  His Mom was pretty upset too....she doesn't like me much anyway...she only likes Guinness.  The best part is nobody knows which one of us did it, so Guinness is in as much trouble as I am.  That makes me SO happy.  Mom has to head to the Mall tomorrow to try to replace these Crocs....she's really not happy about that.  Anyway Rooney, we think it's great that you've learned about counter surfing....that's just the beginning, buddy!  "You 'da man"!
    • But Murphy - you look so innocent - ya had me totally fooled!  As for those Crocs - first of all my mom doesn't get the whole plastic shoe thing - she said she grew up poor and to actually, on purpose wear plastic - not going to happen at this house so she thinks it is very funny that you chewed them up.  I am glad that you didn't swallow any - that inducded vomiting thing sounds really icky - I've never had to have that done because up till the last day or two - I've always been really good.  My momma keeps asking whats got it to me but all I can say is "hamburger".
  • Hey, Rooney, I'm basically a Goody Four Shoes when it comes to being bad, but that doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through the exploits of my Bad Dood friends! Nice work on the hamburger, little bro!

    Your friend,


    • Jack Daniels here, I have been trying my whole life to try out counter surfing, I can't seem to find away up I am only 10.5 inches off the ground.... I am just not big enough, so if anyone is willing to hook up with me, say, um, let me stand on their back, I will gladly get the food and share it 70/30 you can have the 70 percent as I am too little to eat much...


      and Jack Doodle a good four shoes??????? Ha ha... That is the cutest thing ever......


      I am going to keep trying, just maybe I can channel my inner poodle some more and jump up onto the counter..

    • Jack - I am not a jumper - thats a Rua thing for sure.  Here is what I do - I stand on my back legs and streeeeetch really really as far as I can and put my front paws up as high as they will go.  Then if I stretch my neck super far my lips can reach the edge and pay day!  There is food up there.  You don't weigh much so I would be fine if you just jumped up on my back.  This would make for a very funny photo. 

    • Hey Jack, Jasper here could you pursaude mum to move a table and chairs closer to the counter that may make it easier to get to where you want. I'm also too small to reach but my crime is digging up mum's new seedlings I think because she was paying more attention to them than me and also running off with shoes as I know Mum can not chase me.
  • Dearest Rooney.....

    I have been a charter member of the Bad Doods group for years.  It is a rather elite group and we don't let just any doodle in.  We are proud to have you enter the rather private ranks of novice.....counter surfing (although a great pleasure, with endless rewards) is only the beginning....if you can get some computer time up on some of the things that us doodle do....then take it a step further.....

    Once again, welcome....glad to have you.....Your friend....Comiskey (my brother Beemer did meet the qualifications, so he can't be in this group)

    • Dear Comiskey - I love your name - it even sounds a bit naughty - hee hee.  Yes - this was my very first time crossing over the line to pure evil - and I liked it.  Counter surfing you called it, hmmm, it is a little bit hard when you are only 17 inches at the shoulder but I proved it CAN be done, yipee.  I'm gunna read up on your exploits and see what else I can do to get my momma's full attention.  P.S. Raw hamburger is super yummy!  Roon E. Doodle
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