Toby has a fetish with socks...


He will find them anywhere and not only chews them, but on a couple of occasions he has ingested them.


The most recent sock had probably spent a couple of days in his stomach before it reappeared in his crate one morning...he seemed fine in himself until his stomach contants were deposited back up on the rug in the den.


I took him in to visit the vet, as I was concerend that maybe he had taken a pair and we were waiting for the other to to show up.  The vet didn't think we needed to to x-rays, so after an anti-nausea shop an antibiotic and a few cans of Hills I/D diet we were sent home.


Toby would not eat for the next 48 hrs but was able to keep down water, so I ended up almost pushing a tablespoon on food down the back of his throat, so I could keep his intestines from shutting down.  Once his had his appetite back I started to introduce his regular food and although he has lost a few pounds, he seems to be back to normal.


Who would have thought that an innocent sock could cause this much of an issue!!

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  • Huff just loves socks too! I don't think he has ever ingested one but I think I will have to be more careful about it.
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