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  • The puppies have been at Southern Charm for almost a week. We miss them! This picture was taken at 5 weeks. We hope their new families will be busy on Doodle Kisses so we can watch them grow!
  • They're crafty little buggers. Well, they figured out how to escape from the baby pool. They were scurrying all over my room when I went upstairs. Luckily they weren't out long and didn't get a chance to pee all over. So now they are moved into the puppy pen. They are into puppy wrestling and playing with toys. Very cute!!!!
  • OMG, they are so cute! And messy! ;) I love the sleepy puppy in the second photo! :)
  • Puppy Update--- they are eating cereal! What a mess they make, but they seem to like it. They are also sitting a little, sleeping less and playing "puppy games". Puppies are also discovering their voices, really cute barks, coos and growly sounds. It is amazing how much they change every day. Today they are 3 weeks old and their weights range from 2 lbs 5 ounces to 2 pounds 15 ounces.
  • Orange, Green and Teal all snuggled up!
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