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Lovely Black Doodles

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  • Black dogs, and my black labradoodle Bella are so hard to photograph..she has no markings on her at all...all coal black. and beautiful. But, there is one spot in my kitchen, where the lights shine down, that allo a picture to show her some justice.3367088977?profile=original

  • Finally got a semi-decent picture of Benny that shows his white tail tip and paws. Now if only my phone would focus properly. His dad was black and white and brown, but the brown didn't make an appearance.3367041651?profile=original

  • Love all the picts of these black doodles, they are all so different looking! I hope to get some more pictures of my Luna on here soon. Happy to find people who have doodles in common with me.
  • Such a cutie!

  • Hey all, my name is Hank, I am starting live up to Hank the mini Tank, one day at a time.


  • Turbo has the white soul patch on his chin and one rear paw that has some white and he has silver hairs on his back sparsely distributed. He is a very tight poodle curly curly but not now cause I noticed 2 weeks ago he started shedding his puppy fur so I shaved him down as close as I could without giving him too many bald spots. His fur grows very rapidly so in 8 weeks he will need another grooming but not as short. lol 

  • This is our Gwen, she is 5 months old. She has a white patch on her chest and her back feet have white patches. I've noticed she has white hairs randomly coming in here and there. I wonder if she will stay black! 3367016001?profile=original

  • 3367012202?profile=original3367012223?profile=original3367012195?profile=originalsome pics of Turbo

  • I just discovered Black Doodles. My pup is Raven, now 10 months old, a mini Australian labradoodle. She's adorable, and I'm glad to see a place where black doodles are loved and photographed. Here are some recent photos.
  • I love looking at all the color changes in the black doodle. I have a 12 week old labradoodle pup and I can't wait to see what colors she grows into. She has some silver coming through now, and I'm betting that she won't stay black for much longer.
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looking for sire

Wanted: Health tested Golden Doodle Stud for Zoelle, our chocolate F1b Golden Doodle. She should be coming into season in September. This will be Zoelle’s third litter. We are looking for either a red that carries chocolate or a black that carries chocolate and red. We live in New Jersey, but will travel for the right stud. Contact me at or PM me. Thank you 

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