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looking for sire

Wanted: Health tested Golden Doodle Stud for Zoelle, our chocolate F1b Golden Doodle. She should be coming into season in September. This will be Zoelle’s third litter. We are looking for either a red that carries chocolate or a black that carries ch

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Time for a haircut!

We will be heading to the groomers in a bit since Ember is in serious need of a bath and haircut. This will be her first trip to the groomers since I normally do it myself at home but I recently broke my wrist and can't do it right now :( crossing my

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Black versus Blue Color

I found this interesting article on Black versus Blue color.  It pertains to Poodles, so I thought it pertinent to our Doodles.  Kona's fur is so black that her skin is blue under the fur.  I also noticed some other interesting points about black fur

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We're thinking our pup may have dandruff. She's black, accordingly, and the breeder we got her from said she bathed her every other day. Having a labradoodle before her we know that they are very prone to dry skin issues. My husband and I both looked

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Summer Doo?

Yesterday, here in NJ, is was 88 degrees. I noticed that Charli who loves to be outside, even by herself in the cold winter days and night, was laying on the tile in the hallway inside the house. DH asked me if Charli should be shaved down in order f

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Tick prevention?

How do those here (with black doodles) check for ticks?

Do you have a routine that you do to check? How can you see so deep in the black fur, I'm having troulbe getting BB to sit still long enough to check him thoroughly.

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Black & Grey Doodle

Hi! Our Goldendoodle will soon turn 2 this month.Her Dad was a black & white parti standard poodle ( Mom a Golden) . Bella was black at birth with a white patch on her chest & chin. This past couple of months she has really changed color ! Her face i

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