From platinum to strawberry, and everything in between, we're here to tell you it's true: Blondes DO have more fun!
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  • Helios must be a blonde because he DEFINETLY has more fun!

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  • Oh, yes, Chloe is a beautiful blonde!

  • I just found this group and happen to think Chloe is a blonde..what do you think?


  • Can I just tell you I have had my vet, a stranger at the dog park and my husband all tell me that Hunter and I have the same color hair! LOL Is that a compliment??!! Sad part, its pretty true - however, Hunter is sans gray!
  • You can be in both! I have no idea what color Jack is, that's how this group got started. His back is apricot gold, and his face, chest, and legs are cream-to-platinum blonde. He was invited to be a member of the Apricot Group, the Cream Group, and then we have this Group!
    Sheila may get lighter as she gets older...many doodles do. Poodles often lighten as they get older, too. Silver poodles are born black, and red poodles usually fade to apricot.
  • My Sheila is getting lighter and her breeder listed her as gold. Her littler was either gold or more apricot. This is still puppy fleece coat. Do you think it will change as she gets older? I love her color now, it is the same as my labs used to be. I think I need to be in this group instead of the apricot group I originally signed up in.
  • Gracie Doodle actually has hair that is almost PINK under her chin and neck. Her mother was an Apricot Poodle and I truly think that is just her neck and chin color. I can scrub and scrub it and it doesn't change and she is perfectly clean and good smelling. When I clip her there is orangish pink hair on the ground from her neck and chin. Basically, she is always wet because she dunks her head all day long in the water and drinks tons of water. It is just part of being a Doodle!!
  • Red highlights are the in thing! lol now to just grow out his bad haircuts and he will be perfect!!!
  • No beet pulp in Fromm.
    I know a lot of human men whose beards are a different color than their hair, and often have a reddish tint. Maybe it's just a "beard thing"!
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Does your blonde get more attention?

I have a friend who has a blonde F1 goldendoodle and a black ALD, both standards. She says she sometimes feels bad for her gorgeous black boy because people make much more fuss over his blonde brother. The funny part is, her black dog is much friendlier and outgoing than her blonde, and would appreciate the attention more.For those of you who have a blonde and a darker color, do you notice a difference in the attention they get?

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Tell Us About Your Blonde's Parents!

I adopted Jack from a shelter. His original owners bought him from a pet store. I know that he is an F1 labradoodle, so he had one Lab parent and one standard poodle parent; it's usually the mom who is the Lab.I'm sure Jack's Lab parent was a yellow lab. He has a friend who is a yellow lab, and she has the same coloring...very light face, and very light hair on the back of her upper know the part that looks like little girl's ruffled panties on our doodles, lol? She has darker…

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