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  • Lots of "firsts" this week. Last week Norman completed his puppy shots, rabies and kennel cough, we can go places. Today was a first visit to the groomer, who plucked ears, (OUCH!) trimmed around his eyes and did a slight 'tidy up' of feet and private places. It was quick and reasonably inexpensive. Tomorrow night we go to the first obedience class! Yay! Happytails School!
  • Maila, I think you did a good job with this litter. Sounds like Aspen is a sweet well behaved puppy too! Tomorrow we go for the third set of shots. Last Friday he was 24.9 lbs. Thur 4/29 he goes to the military base vet, so it is a different scale. I wouldn't be surprised if he has gained more weight...gee he is getting so leggy. Norman loves to bark at the deer--growls, barks and carries on so, but when we step out onto the deck to go potty, if the deer are near, he hides behind my legs!
  • Norman gained 3 pounds this week! Growing in leaps and bounds!
  • Norman comes home on Saturday! We're thrilled! It's been a long time since we've had a puppy in the house, I am sure we'll catch on pretty quickly having raised two labs and a border collie prior to this. Our last puppy was almost 16 years ago. Just like on the TV show, 'Cheers'--we'll all greet "Norm!" when he enters the room.
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