I invite anyone that has a Bonnie Blue Doodle to join this group. I would love to hear from you and see pictures of your doodles.
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  • Cherie, Genie, & Angela do you have any recent pictutes of your Bonnie Blue Doodles you could post for us to see? 
  • I am the proud mom of Bonnie Blue Friendly Spirit, AKA "Casper". He is almost 11 months old and a real love. He weighs 31 lbs and reminds me of an Elf...he's so quick and agile. Which is good since his younger, altho MUCH BIGGER brother, Titus, is a 110 lb Leonberger. They are great friends. I have recently registered Casper with the AKC Canine Parter program. A new program open to mixed breed dogs so they can compete in Agility, obedience and other non-conformation events. Anyone else participating in Canine Partner Program? Genie S.
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