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  • I always go to the Barnes and Noble when I am in Yuma over Thanksgiving because there are NO local book stores.  Anyway, I was looking for two books - Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz and the second book in the Bregdan Chronicles.  They did not have either, so I browsed around and picked up the book by David Lagercrantz which was The Girl In the Spider's Web.  It is an Lizbeth Salander novel and continuing Stieg Larson's millennium series.  I liked Larson's books, and Lagercrantz has a very similar writing style.  I bought the other two books (on line) and have finished them.  Now I have started The Girl In the Spider's Web and am really enjoying it.

  • I received a call from our local "library lady" a few weeks ago asking if they could "book" Fozzie for lunch at their November "Booked for Lunch" program.  The focus would be the uses and benefits of a therapy dog along with information about becoming a therapy dog team.  So as I'm putting together ideas I would like to have some interesting books to be able to share with the folks who come, not just training books.  I did get on line and have a list of books that look interesting to me but wondered if any of you have some suggestions of books you've read that you would recommend to people interesting in learning more about the wonders of Therapy Dogs (or cats, horses, rabbits, etc).  I posted this comment in the Therapy Dog group as well, but I looking for a variety of books fiction, non-fiction, children's books etc. and thought maybe someone in this group may have come across non-fiction books where a character is connected with therapy dogs. 

  • I use the wish list for everything; Christmas ideas included.

  • Amazon Wish List is soooo great for that. I would never remember half the books I wanted to read if it wasn't for this wish

  • I put the whole series on my Amazon wish list. so I won't forget.  It might be a while before I get to them - I am currently reading the Outlander series as well as re-reading The Source by Michener - and I always have an easy reading mystery to carry in my purse.  I will get to them though because they sound fascinating.

  • Nancy, keep me posted on what you think.

  • Carla, putting this on my to read list too!

  • If you like historical fiction and the history of the Civil War era..... I am on book 3 of the Bregdan Chronicles by Ginny Dye.

    Each book is focused on 1 year. It's told from multiple points of view from the slave, slave owner, plantation owner, the North and South. Very interesting reading. And of course there is romance:) The characters are wonderful and so much fun to get to know.

    GinnyDye - Bregdan Chronicles
  • Our kids became  interested readers because we would go to the used book stores and tell them they could get anything they want.  I LOVE used books.  I just ordered a new-to-me copy of The Source by Michner from Amazon's used books.  When it came the pages kept tearing out. :-{  I contacted the seller and I have another one on the way!  :-} I hope it gets here in time to take on our trip.

  • I'm on to Anna Belfrage too.  So much great reading out there.  I made a stop at two little used book libraries at the public libraries and ended up with nine new books to read.  It is just impossible for me to go into a book store and come out empty handed.

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Books you want to read 2016!

I am looking for new reads and hoping to possibly find a new author.  What book are you reading now and what are some of the books you hope to read this in 2016!  The first book I read this year was The Guilty by David Baldacci - part of Will Robie series and a quick read! Now I am back to my favorite pastime - "Bridge for Dummies".  I have read this book so many times it is falling apart.  Going to download efile on ipad.  I just cannot seem to remember some things it teaches you to do.  I…

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What is the first book you chose to read this year (2015)?

My choice was The Rosy Project by Graeme Simsion.  Which is touted as Bill Gates' favorite novel and which he described as "profound".  It introduces the world to Don Tillman, a socially inept professor of genetics so wedded to his schedule that it has so far precluded becoming wedded to an actual woman!  That any prospective partner must complete a mandatory 16-page compatibility questionnaire narrows his options somewhat; until he meets Rose who scores precisely zero but confirms the theory…

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The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD

My niece and her husband got me started on this at Thanksgiving.  They said the book has changed their lives and definitely the way they eat.  I got the book and had it half read in the first day.  Yes, it definitely speaks to me also.  In general, the book talks about the "diseases of affluence", namely heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  These three diseases are abundant in America and very rare in agricultural China - hence the China study.  It recommends highly a whole food, plant-based…

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