Seems like there are a lot of people from the Bucks County, PA area. I would love to get together for a play group sometime!

If you live in Newtown, Southampton, Richboro, Doylestown, etc come and join!

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  • Hi all. My name is Hannah and my doodle’s name is Asha. We just joined doodle kisses and I wanted to introduce myself. We currently live in Redding, CA but we are moving to the Bucks County area next summer and I’m hoping to make some connections here. Nice to meet you all.
  • Hi Everyone! It's been a while since we had a doodle romp. I think we should plan one soon :) However this post is for another reason. I'm going on vacation with my family May 24th-May 31st and this will be the first time we would need to find someone to watch Baila my lovely Goldendoodle. I was wondering if any of you kind hearts would be able to watch her? She is very easy going and gets along with everyone. Please please someone say yes, I would hate to board her in a kennel. In exchange I would watch your dog if the need arises. Thank you please let me know!

  • Hi Patti!  My four year old doodle and I live in Jamison.  Finn is a Roxy Reading dog and we're about to start as a therapy team at Doylestown Hospital.  Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Welcome to the group Patti! I live in Jamison and have a five year old goldendoodle named Baila! Looking forward to meet you and your doodle soon!
  • Hey! I'm Patti and I'm new to this group. I have a four and a half year-old male golden doodle named Kobe. Anyone else close by in doylestown?.
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  • We had a great time Sunday. Rosebud slept very well and do did Hannah. Thank you for hosting this David. Looking forward to seeing some pictures
  • There is a new doodle group meeting on Sun. Gloria Dei 916 Swanson St. in Phila. I just joined that group and he is looking for memebers.

  • FYI there is a Doodle Philly Meetup group and a meetup on May 10th but it's in the city

  • Hi Group.. Marcey brought up the fact that we haven't had a Spring get together yet and she's right! So let's get the ball rolling! Who wants to host the next doodle playdate?? When is good for everyone?

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Groomer recommendations

Hi! I live in Bensalem and I'm looking for a groomer for my 3 month old labradoodle, Phoebe.  Phoebe is curly (almost spiral) fleece and I want someone experienced with doodles so she doesn't come home looking like a toy poodle or a cockapoo.I'm willing to drive a little ways (like maybe a half hour) for a good groomer. On a recommendation, I called Janette's Furry Friends in Huntingdon Valley but they are booked through Labor Day.Thanks!!10488187_845564599774_7726504117245455465_n.jpg

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Recommendations for Philly Area Breeders?

Hi,I'm new to the group and soon to be a first time dog owner.  We've decided on getting a Doodle but have struggled in finding recommendations for a trustworthy, non-puppy mill Doodle breeder in the general Philadelphia area (give or take two hours in any direction).  Did any of you have a particular good experience with your breeder, or come across other ones that you think you could recommend?Thanks for any tips, ideas, or suggestions!Saurabh

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Paws for the Cause!

Hello Everyone!I wanted to share this with Doodle parents in the area. On October 20th, Fox Chase Cancer Center is holding its annual Paws for the Cause walk. Duncan and I participated last year and we had a great time! As you can probably tell from the name, its a completely dog friendly event. The walk itself is only a mile, and there are a ton of vendors there selling some really great pet swag! And of course the money raised goes toward cancer research.Anyway, we are signed up to walk again…

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