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  • Plan to welcome another Doodle to our family within a few months. Looking for some young
    playmates in the Chattanooga area.
  • Great to see you on the bridge Linda!  Happy to finally meet Fitz.  He is so cute.  Both of your guys are great doodles!


  • Hey Everyone! Did any of you attend any of the dog events on Oct. 9th? I really wanted to go to the one in E. Brainerd to see the new Heritage Dog Park but couldn't make it.
  • Linda, I transfered some of your pictures from the St. PAWtrick's Dog Walk to this site so that others in our area could meet us and our doodles.

  • Linda it was nice meeting you and seeing Webster again. Sorry you couldn't make it Rollin, it was a bit messy but a lot of fun seeing all the cute dogs. Lily had a good time overall but had a few scary moments. She wouldn't walk over the storm grate at the pier or walk on the glass bridge over Riverfront Pkwy. One of the ladies in the group we were walking with picked her up and carried her over the bridge! (lol) This just proves to me that Lily needs to be exposed to many more things. Usually she is fearless but she has been mostly confined to the country, the big city shook her up a bit.
  • Yes, we both were there. I uploaded a few photos on my page. Have a look. Are you a Dog Friendly Chatt. FB friend? I'm sure we'll be having more events soon. Need at least 300 DOGood citizens to pledge to be responsible dog owners in order to get the Walnut St. bridge to become pet friendly.
  • did you all go to the dog walk this weekend? Unfortunately with the rain I decided to hang in.
  • Hey! It's great to see someone else here from home! Actually we live in Rossville but consider Chattanooga our hometown too. I've been dying to share groomer, food and play area issues with someone. Thanks for starting the group!
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Doodles in our Snow!

How unusual for us to have 2 big snows this winter season.  How are your doodles reacting to it?  My 3 are having very different reactions:  Zeke (the Boy Scout) is all about exploring it, Lily (the Extreme Sports Girl) runs full speed doing flips and dives til she can't go any longer, Jasper (the Fair Weather Guy) ventures out not sure where to do his "business", plays a little,gets covered with ice balls quickly and has enough.  Overall they have been enjoying their outside time eventhough…

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Where to you have your dogs groomed?  I've had some less than desirable experiences lately and have not found a regular groomer to count on.  I would really like to find one that is currently grooming some labradoodles,  seems everyone we have tried lately experements on us.  Recommendations please!

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