This is for all members that have a doodle from Cherokee! We can meet here and post stories about our dood's personalities, post pictures, ect. It's like a family reunion group! :-)
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We all have gorgeous doodles with wonderful personalities that I'm sure they get from their dad Cherokee. I think it will be so fun to see how similar our doodles look alike.

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  • Oops :). I think I was searching online for grooming tips and stumbled across it. I'm so glad I did, it's made the first 6 months much easier and enjoyable!
  • I meant how did you find out about Doodle Kisses. lol. I found Bonnie on too. :o)
  • We went to and searched under owner recommended breeders. The breeders in Iowa only had mini's, or couldn't answer our questions so we decided to look at other states. We really liked Bonnie and she did all of the necessary testing so we went with her! Sorry long story :). I was intrigued about not being able to recommend breeders unless you've been there in person, so I was wondering if anyone on here had ever been to her place.
  • I think it's just you and me, Laci. Teri is another breeder in TN and used to share Cherokee with Bonnie. She is very very nice and is on DK. I've been meaning to ask you,how did you find out about Doodle Kisses? I found out from another breeder at a romp here in GA.
  • Just wondering, who else got their pup from Bonnie? It sounds like most people got them from Teri. I can't seem to find anyone else who has used her as a breeder. Thanks guys!
  • update!! I just looked on Bonnie's website and it looks like she does still have Cherokee. Just in case anyone was as worried as I was. (I felt like part of our family was :-)
  • Timbow has had more problems with constipation than anything, but now that he's on Fromm he's doing much better. Haven't really had a problem with loose stools or vomiting(unless he ate too fast).
  • Oops, forgot to mention...canned pumpkin (without the spices) mixed in with their food helps a lot with diarrhea.
  • Gus and Molly suffered on and off from loose stools for several months after we got them, but especially Gus. Had them tested for everything under the sun, but nothing was ever found except for lots of plant material. They just wouldn't stop eating stuff outside, and with living in the mountains, there is plenty of stuff to be had. They have mostly outgrown that habit, and now have normal stools. No vomiting, except on the rare occasion when Gus eats too fast.
  • Holly hasn't had any digestive issues, she's never vomited and she's never had diarhea...
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Has anyone noticed their red doodle fading on the back? Timbow's hair has a part down the middle of his back and I've been noticing that it is starting to get lighter. He is still very red, but seems to have some light spots on his head and back. I'm thinking maybe it's from not getting as much sun?!

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Just for fun

Just wondering who the mothers are to everyone's pups! Ours came from Eva. Also thought it would be neat to post current ages and weights. Holly is 6 months and almost 30 lbs. I thinks she's the smallest of the group, and she also seems to have the lightest coat, huh. Anyways, thought this would be neat ;).IMG_0498.JPG

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