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Adrianne Matzkin - 'Samantha', LD, 02/09/08 - Short Hils, NJ
Amy - 'Zoey', LD, 02/17/09 - Lynchburg, VA
Ann Bankert - 'Jiffy' 12/6/03; 'Samira' 12/25/04 - Kamloops, B.C.
Audrey Goldman - 'Archie', LD, Studio City, CA
Barb Calla - 'Yogi (Bear)', GD, 12/26/08 - Reading, MA
Barbara Burrows - 'Abby', LD, 12/10/07 - Midlothian, VA & Greenville, PA
Bonnie Sullivan - 'Louie', LD, 05/28/08 - North Plains, OR
Brenda Hetzel - 'Lucky', 11/24/05
Brenda Peters - ' Phoebe', ALD, 5/09 - Greenwood, IN
Cindy Carmichael - 'Mandy' LD, 02/2/09 - Wichita, KS
Danielle - 'Max', LD, 12/08/08 - Seattle, WA
Dana Hawkins - 'Kody', LD - 5/10/09 - Upper Marlboro, MD
Darryl/Annie - 'Dunkin', 05/08, Auburn, ME
Denice Caouette - 'Coco', LD, 01/01/06 - Henderson, NV
Dennis Castiglione - 'Nico', - Salon, OH
Donna - 'Coco', LD, 2004 - Queenslant, Australia
Erin - 'Chennie', LD - 12/03 - Corte Madera, CA
Gaetane 'Tante' du Vair - 'Jordan', LD, 07/22/05 - Puyallup, WA
Heather Moore (soon to be Short) - 'Dexter', LD, 11/08 - Brooksville, FL
Ivy Bates - 'Austin', ALD, 05/19/08 - Long Island, NY
Karol J - 'Hershey', LD - 04/06/09 - Richmond, VA
Kathi Brady - 'Tully', ALD, 07/02/08 - New Milford, CT
Kimberley Farley - 'Oliver' 11/18/07 -
Kingston Todd - 'Hershey', LD, 2006 - Kington, ON, Canada
Kyoko - 'Charlie', LD, 12/18/08 - Pittsburgh, PA
Jennifer Tramell - 'Webster', GD - 3/10/09 - Antioch, TN
Janie - 'Takoda', LD - 4/08 - Texas
Linda Teed - 'Finnegan', GD - 5/10/09 - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Lynne Black - 'Beck', LD - 1/14/09 - Reno, NV
Lynda Kamrath - 'Hondo', LD, 05/24/03 - Prunedale, CA
Marcia Stevens - 'Kodie', LD, 01/08/08
Maryann Gibson - 'Tigger' 5/5/08; 'Roo' 10/13/08 - Arcadia, CA
Nicole Brown - 'Nellie', LD, 4/22/08 - Bellingham, WA
Nina Whitefield - 'Harlow', LD - 1/21/09 - Roswell, GA
Pam Chabillon - 'Cocoa', 4/10/07 and Venus, 12/20/08
Reg - 'Abby', GD, 1/6/09 - BC, Canada
Sally Robbins - 'Choco', LD, 10/16/08 - Del Rio, TX
Sandy - 'Maxwell aka Max', ALD, 07/25/08 - Sanibel, FL
Stella - 'Hartley', LD, 12/26/07 and 'Chase', LD, 12/14/08 - Ontario, Canada
Sue - 'Chip', ALD, 03/02/07
Susan Forrest - 'Koda', LD, 11/13/03 - Livermoore, CA
Tamara - 'Giada', LD, 01/08/08 - Grand Lege, MI
Trina Thaboune - 'Casino', LD, 11/18/05 ; Tigger, LD, 02/03/05 - Columbus, OH
Yvonne - 'Riley', LD, 12/01/08 - Olmsted, OH
Mmmm...how yummy were those!

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  • Hershey and her box of chocolates with one caramel.

     3367106217?profile=originalHershey 'the Mom' with her kids at 5 years 4 months old.  

    Sydney, Blaze, Gracie and Moose (who is bigger then his Dad) 

  • Diane ~ I see the newest members that joined in the photos up above to the right. I see your photo of Hurley there. I just started a new discussion "Calling all Chocolate Doodles - to see if we can get update photos of the members in this group.  

  • I thought Charlie was a member also.  I do not think the list is up to date. I think I will start a new discussion for 2016 Chocolate Doodle Photos, so we can see updated photos.

  • Susan, my heart goes out to you  How tragic.  To lose both of your beautiful doodles.  Bella will never replace what you have lost but will bring you a special caring and endearing love that will be such a treasure.   

  • Thought Hurley was in this group.  Hmmm   He has gone from dark chocolate to a striking reddish chocolate.  Hurley reddish chocolate with highlights.   Pics are  Hurley at 4 years and Hurley at 3 Months.3366960188?profile=original


  • Susan, I am so so sorry to hear about Bridget and Chloe. My heart goes out to you. I cannot even imagine the loss you must be feeling.

    Now you have a wonderful new doodle to cherish and love. That is so nice to hear.
  • Susan, so sorry to see your sad news. A new doodle will bring you joy, and now you get to join the Black Doodles group!!
  • i will be dropping out of the chocolate doodle group. My older doodle, 

    Bridget died april 2013, at almost 14. She was put to sleep due to painful health issue, her final day.And extra sadly, my baby Chloe died 

    Sept 15,15, suddenly of a brain aneurysm. My heart is broken. Within the week, I got the 1st doodle available to me. A beautiful black female, named Bella.

  • Oh good :D

    Yes, daddy's lap dog.
    Looking forward to seeing more chocolate doodle variants.


  • I don't think you have to leave the group Kimberly. After all, his DNA will still be chocolate. lol  He looks like a love bug.

This reply was deleted.

Glad I found you guys!

Hello! We got Daisy back in August and she is now  7 months old & a beautiful chocolate doodle! I can't believe how in love we are with this dog. I love looking at all the pictures of the chocolate doodles in this group. It's amazing how their coat color changes from puppy to adult. Daisy was all chocolate when we got her, now her face has lightened up and she's getting tons of white hair running through back. Her dad was a chocolate lab and mom was a white standard so it'll be interesting to…

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