Glad I found you guys!

Hello! We got Daisy back in August and she is now  7 months old & a beautiful chocolate doodle! I can't believe how in love we are with this dog. I love looking at all the pictures of the chocolate doodles in this group. It's amazing how their coat color changes from puppy to adult. Daisy was all chocolate when we got her, now her face has lightened up and she's getting tons of white hair running through back. Her dad was a chocolate lab and mom was a white standard so it'll be interesting to see how her coat ends up.




photo (2).JPG

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  • Sassparilla was dark like that now 17 months later she has some serious highlights.  Here mom was a chocolate lab and dad a chocolate poodle, she was the darkest in her litter.  Enjoy, she sure is adorable.

  • Daisy is adorable. My Mojo is 10 months old and getting lighter as his adult coat come in.

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