For Chocolate Pink and Rose nosed doodles!!!!
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  • My my girl Kodie has a chocolate nose, and my boy Tannor has a rosey nose..

  • i saw that and made sure to include it into the picture! thanks again!
  • Thanks for the front page status from Oliver. He's very proud!!! Also, look at the lower lip that has a matching brown stripe. I just love him.
  • Oliver does have SPECTACULAR NOSE! Wow! That is adorable! Good enough to eat! I don't know why but my dogs chocolate noses always look like candy to me.. probably just me though. His is even cuter! Like chocolate and vanilla! I bet he was sooo cute as a puppy with that nose too! YUM! Haha!@
  • Thanks, he is a party animal TOO!  Nutso.
  • He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!Love the parti nose!!!!
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    Here's my Oliver with his SPECTACULAR NOSE!

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    3365268168?profile=originalMy Teddy Bear Aussiedoodle and his cute brown nose.

  • Jamaica's nose is really nice and pretty
  • Hi all! Bernie is a parti and in addition to all the freckles on his body he has a pink one on his nose! I hope that counts for this group? I'll get a picture up soon =)
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Show of photos of your pink, liver, rose, or chocolate noses!

Please share photos of your pink, liver, rose, or chocolate nosed doodle in this discussion. (Boring instructions below for new members...) To insert the photo directly into where you type (rather than attach it) so it is visible to all, simply click the little black camera-looking button above where you type and select the photo from your computer by hitting browse. You will then see a bunch of computer gobbledygook. That is OK! Just hit reply and you'll the see the photo. You can also use a…

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Info on Chocolate, Pink or Rose Nosed Doodles

Although some black nosed doodles lighten with time or in the winter, true pink, rose, or liver nosed dog are similar genetically (as far as color genetics) and are such from birth and on. There is no change in the nose pigment at any time. If you look at a true pink, rose, liver nosed dog, you'll see that their lips and eyeliner matches the color of their nose and is equally light colored. Same goes for chocolate dogs. The only difference is that while cream, red, apricot, and white can have…

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