Please share photos of your pink, liver, rose, or chocolate nosed doodle in this discussion. (Boring instructions below for new members...) To insert the photo directly into where you type (rather than attach it) so it is visible to all, simply click the little black camera-looking button above where you type and select the photo from your computer by hitting browse. You will then see a bunch of computer gobbledygook. That is OK! Just hit reply and you'll the see the photo. You can also use a photo from your collection here on DK. Instead of clicking browse, use the space below to paste the URL of your photo. You do this by going TO the photo you want to use on your DK page. Then open up that photo. Then RIGHT click on the photo and select 'properties' -- when the properties box pops up, double click on the loooong address and copy it. Paste that address into the URL box I mentioned above (after you click the camera looking button above) and voila! Try it try it try it! =)

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  • 3366782276?profile=original

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  • 3366644603?profile=originalMy Ruby.

  • 3366155607?profile=originalI just love the light colored noses and chose Jake for his adorable personality as well as his cute little rose colored nose and his stunning blue eyes. He was the only puppy left in the litter who still had his blue eyes at 9 wks. old. Wondering if he will keep them or just go to amber or green instead? Will love him furever either way!3366155696?profile=original



    Here is Hudsons cute little nose! I would consider it a brown nose but some people who see it thinks it has a 'redness' to it so maybe it is rose? Either way I love it, and he was the only puppy in his litter with one :)


  • I try and try and try but I still dont get it i must be a div but i have never had any computer training so i find it hard what is the URL box????what is the little black camera button I cant see that either daaa i feel so foolish ....please someone help me ..............
    • Frances, send me a message with exactly what you're trying to do and I can help.  Since I made the tutorials a whole bunch of things have changed on the site and the tutorials are a bit outdated.  Must redo them soon.
    •  Hi Adina

      I was just trying to add a photo to the rose nose page and i come across the instruction to download a photo from my page instead of going to my browse its titled boring instruction i would like to when I get all other photos of Harvey on this site !! do things properly instead of doing what i usualy do and go the long way round things just stabbing away in the dark so to speak .....thanks for your help Frances .

    • Send me a private message (rather than continuing on this discussion).  Click on "message" -- thanks then we can take this out of the discussion.

  • Rosy Nose Fred aka Rosy
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