For college students with doodles. Sometimes it gets pretty stressful trying to finish that paper due at 11 and keeping your doodle entertained..
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  • :D Hi! I'll be starting college in the summer, luckily the first two years I'll be staying home but after that I'll have to decide between college dorm life doodle-less or trying to get an apartment. I'm hoping to be able to relocate with my Sam. I'd hate to leave her :(

  • College kid, right here! (:

    I was giving myself a deadline in finding a dog this summer (I hadn't planned on a labradoodle; the shelter had four of them!). I wanted to get the dog acclimated to the house and the crate, and get a good jump start on housebreaking.

    Gatsby came into my life in the middle of May. (: He still has accidents, and I miss him when I'm in class, but my schedule is so amazing this year that he's not crated for very long at all (he hates that thing!).

    I still wish it were summer, though, so I could spend all my time with him.
  • Howdy!

    Just thought I'd start things on here. Milo and I get the first word in! Anyway, I got Milo last year during Finals week and as a puppy he was annoying and wanted attention. Now, while writing a paper or doing homework, when 3:00pm roles around he sits there and stares knowing its time to go to the park! Doodles, gotta love them! :)
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