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I saw a comment asking if anyone had a problem with their pup napping during the day, and not sleeping at night. Thing is, Darwin naps all day, and sleeps all night, no problems. We do exercise him every day, but he naps for at least 4-6 hours per day, PLUS an eight or nine hour night. 

Anyone else have doodle's with an unlimited sleeping ability?

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Ned is definitely a napper. He likes to vary his settings - under the dining room table is one of his evening favorites as is the back of the couch - with a fuzzy ball pillow. He also likes the downstairs couch, dog bed, stair steps, nesting among the pillows on the bed, in his crate. In other words, when he gets restless, he just moves to a new sleeping area to change his world view. He may not sleep through the night with his frequent moving, he doesn't wake me up until he does his morning happy dance.
That was my comment. :) Toby naps a lot through the day, and honestly, most nights he sleeps through. Lately, though, he's needing/wanting to get up occasionally. He goes out, pees, then gets up on our bed. I'm wondering whether he isn't particularly fond of his crate anymore. Anyway, it's not every night, at least. He's 20 months old.
He probably sleeps 12 hours overnight and then randomly throughout the day.
Yes, Gracie Doodle is totally inactive when we are gone. She sleeps all day on our bed and will get up to go to the living room window to see the UPS delivery, Mail Man or any activity going on out in front of the house. When we get up in the morning she doesn't get up. She stays in our bed until we jingle her leash or collar (collar comes off at night). After dinner once she is done bugging us for some rolling of the ball in the house, she will finally crash in the hall between the den and kitchen. I am in the den and DH is in the the table watching TV. (Forget that there are really comfie chairs in the living room and a 40" HD Flat ScreenTV with surround sound.) He is content to sit in the kitchen and watch off the 27" HD flat screen. Eventually, Gracie will go to our bed and wait for us. We do play hard when we play though. Tons of chucking the ball twice a day and walks and rides in the car. She also can hold her pee like no body's business. If I am working outside in the yard or DH is working on one of his cars then Gracie is outside all day with us. She does love her sleep though!!!
My guys sleep eight hours at night....Guinness would sleep longer, but Murph wakes him up around 6:00. During the day they take "cat naps". They'll play hard then flop down and sleep for about an hour at a time. Guinness is a "light sleeper" during the day...always seems to have one eye open. Murph on the other hand sleeps like a rock.



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